A teacher in Chicago, Illinois has been accused of sexually assaulting two students at the school where she worked.

29-year-old June Kendall stands accused of having sex with two 17-year-old students, one of which she had sex with twice in her classroom during school hours.

The teacher at Urban Prep Academy had made friends with the with the two boys on Snapchat during the 2015-2016 school year. The friendships then turned sexual when she started sending the boys photos of herself in various stages of undress. She also told one of them that she wanted to have sex with him. In September, it happened.

It all came unraveled when that student and the teacher were exchanging messages about having sex, and someone saw the messages. A witness saw the two leave her classroom after they’d spent nearly half an hour alone together.

Mrs. Kendall and the second student had connected on Snapchat last school year, where they started sending each other sexually explicit messages this fall. In those messages, Kendall sent him photos of herself nude, scantily clad and sexually explicit.

That student told a friend later that same day.

The witness who’d seen the teacher and first student come out of the classroom went to school administrators the next day. Police were called and an investigation started.

It was while authorities were investigating the first victim that they found out about the second one.

Mrs. Kendall’s husband and father are standing by her, and were in court with her this past Saturday.

She’s been charged with criminal sexual assault and was ordered held on $100,000 bond.

She’s due back in court next week.


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