23-year-old Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones and 18-year-old Cailyn Marie Smith have been charged with deliberately forcing two teenage boys off a road because they had President Trump flags attached to their bikes.

The couple who were driving the car are said to have run the 14-year-old teenage twin boys off the road after making threats towards them.

The driver then swerved at the boys, forcing them onto grass at the side of the road to avoid being struck.

The driver is then alleged to have followed the boys before getting out of the car and ripping off the flag from one of the brother’s bikes.

After dropping it on the ground, the driver then ran back to his car and drove away, ‘but not before running the flag over,’

According to a probable cause affidavit, the boys told officers that a vehicle with a man driving and woman passenger followed them before the male driver pulled up nearby and asked one of the boys “if they were Trump supporters” – to which the boy replied that they were.

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