A 27-year-old Indiana man is extremely picky about what does and does not touch his derriere.

Bryan Alwine is now facing a felony domestic battery charge after his girlfriend made the mistake of bringing home the wrong kind Sunday night.

He’s alleged to have thrown her to the ground so hard that she ‘flew,’ landing on her knee and elbow.

According to a Muncie Police Department report, the couple, who share a daughter, started arguing inside the home over the brand she’d bought. It culminated in him throwing her out – literally.

Officers responding to a 911 call made by a witness said in their report that the woman, who appeared ‘very frightened and nervous,’ had a bloody elbow and a scratched knee.

Bryan was arrested.

He posted $5000 bond and is free until his day in court, which hasn’t been released yet.

He’d been arrested before, though, for threatening to kill the same victim.

She told police that they have a history of violence that’s ‘gone on for several years.’