An Indiana man kidnapped, raped and murdered a 15-month-old girl.

22-year-old Kyle Parker has been charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery, strangulation, child molestation, rape, murder, obstruction of justice, and failing to report a dead body.

All of this comes after authorities were able to positively identify the body of a baby girl found Thursday at around 6:00 p.m. The body was identified as 15-month-old Shaylyn Ammerman, who’d been taken from her home last week.

The coroner has ruled the cause of death as homicide by asphyxiation.

Her body was found in a remote area.

Authorities say their suspicions of Mr. Parker were raised after they learned that he was at the girl’s home the night she disappeared. He’d been invited over to drink and watch a movie.
Police interviewed the brother of the infant’s father, who told them that sometime between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., he’d heard the door closing; that when he looked out the window, he saw Parker walking to his car. He said he called out to tell Parker goodbye, but he didn’t turn around. He also claims that Parker was carrying something and that he thought he saw a foot sticking out from his arms.

Parker’s friends told cops that he had “a fascination with drinking and violent pornography” and that he would often get naked while drinking. They also told officers that he had an attraction to young girls around the ages of 12 to 14.

Dr. Donna Stewart, a doctor specializing in pediatric autopsies where sexual battery and molestation took place, told police, “this is the worst case of sexual trauma I’ve ever seen in my career.”

She also determined that the baby girl had died of asphyxiation, and that “the injuries to the nose and mouth area would be consistent with the offender placing his hand over Shaylyn’s nose and mouth to smother her or to keep screams from being heard. The injuries to the throat area on Shaylyn’s body would be consistent with the offender strangling Shaylyn.”


Parker initially gave them a false story, but he eventually admitted that he raped and killed her.

He said he took the girl from her home and that she was “alive and dressed” when he took her.

He says that that night is “a haze” and that his memory is “foggy on what happened,” but he started driving and pulled over.

It was then that he raped the little girl in the front seat of his vehicle. He told cops that she was alive when he raped her.

“Kyle then murdered Shaylyn by smothering her with some type of cloth that he already had in the vehicle,” the probable cause affidavit reads.

After he killed her, he drove to where her body was found.

He tried to “clean it up” by pouring bleach on her body and his own in an effort to destroy DNA evidence. He then burned all of her clothes and her pacifier.

According to police, “he thought he would create reasonable doubt by using the bleach to destroy DNA, and to confuse the investigators by accusing a family member, because one of them had a history of rape and child molest.”


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