A man accused of breaking into a couple’s apartment in Indiana is likely regretting the hell out of it, proven by the fact that he ended up running away from the man who lives there. He got beaten so badly that he had to go to the emergency room afterwards.

20-year-old Rey Cruz will think twice about further crimes after a couple caught him inside their apartment in Bloomington, Indiana on Wednesday night.

The man noticed that Mr. Cruz was wearing his jacket, and chased him around the building, eventually grabbing him and yanking the jacket off of his back.

Even after the jacket was retrieved, he continued his chase and tackled him on the sidewalk. He then proceeded to punch Cruz in the face “three to four times,” making his nose bleed, among other things.

He was arrested in the emergency room at Indiana University Health Hospital.

In addition to a mugshot he’ll not soon forget, Cruz has been charged with felony burglary.