An Indiana mother was photographed overdosed at the wheel in her car while her baby boy was crying in the backseat.

25-year-old Erika Hurt was found by police Saturday at just after 2 p.m., with a syringe still in her grasp.

Her 10-month-old son was crying in the backseat in the car parked outside of a Dollar General Store.

She was revived and taken to hospital. She was then charged with child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Town Marshal Matthew Tallent decided to share the photo to highlight America’s drug epidemic which he says is “leaking into small town USA”.


“I’m trying to show people that this just isn’t a city problem. The heroin epidemic is leaking into small town America and it’s getting really bad,” he said.

“Not only did this woman overdose and nearly die but, had she not passed out from the drug, she would have driven out of the parking lot and could still have been driving while passed out or under the influence. She could have killed another innocent family.”

A passer-by who’d seen Ms. Hurt unconscious called authorities.

Sadly, Ms. Hart’s incident is only the most recent in an epidemic of drivers overdosed at the wheel and children present.


Just this past Tuesday in Dunbar, West Virginia, Kristin Tippett drove backwards into a Wendy’s restaurant while overdosing on heroin.

Like the Indiana mother, her son was also in the backseat. Paramedics revived her.

The list grows by the week.

In the last few months authorities say they’re dealing with an unusual spike in the number of overdoses after heroin has started being cut with elephant tranquilizer 10,000 times more powerful than morphine.


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