An Iowa man had hoped to leave a taxi cab company, Trans Iowa, with a new job Monday morning. What he got, however, was put in handcuffs.

Ryan Dickson allegedly drove himself drunk to a job interview for a position as a taxi cab driver…and crashes into one of the cabs in the lot.

“I just get out there and a little white car comes pulling in and smashes into one of our driver’s cars,” said Trans Iowa Dispatcher Barbara Freeborn.

She said she witnessed him hit two cars in the parking lot, then stumble inside the building.

“I go in and he’s standing there and I’m like, ‘Sir, have you been helped?’ and he couldn’t comprehend what I was saying,” said Freeborn.

According to police, he was unable to even finish a field sobriety test because he was simply too drunk. A breath test registered him at a .273 — over three times the legal limit – and it wasn’t even 9:30 a.m. yet.

It turns out that Dickson had drank the night before, until around 2 in the morning. He then checked himself into the hospital for alcohol consumption…then started drinking again when he was released at 8 a.m.

He’d consumed a fifth of vodka just prior to the interview.

He’s been charged with operating while intoxicated – first offense.