Dashcam video released on Wednesday captures the moments from a deadly deputy-involved shootout in Huger on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

The footage shows the chaotic situation when a man repeatedly fired shots at a Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Officials say it all started as the deputy tried to initiate a traffic stop.

It escalated when the deputy pulled into a gravel driveway where the suspect, 51-year-old Joseph Hart, immediately fired shots.

For roughly 30 minutes, the deputy hid behind his patrol car as he tried to de-escalate the situation.

The deputy asked Hart to drop his gun several times, but Hart refused.

Officials say Hart used multiple weapons, including handguns, a shotgun, and a rifle.

The deputy’s vehicle was riddled with bullet holes, its windshield shattered.

At one point, the deputy said, “Sir, let me get out of here” and Hart replied, “Get ready to die, mother******.”

It took a while for backup to arrive at the scene since the location was situated in a rural neighborhood east of U.S. Highway 41.

The SWAT team eventually arrived in an armored vehicle and tried to get Hart to surrender.

Hart continued shooting at deputies.

The standoff ended after Hart was shot and killed.

No officers were injured in the shootout.