Justice has been served to a man that made up a hate crime after HE burned a church down and tried blaming it on Trump supporters

A member of an African American church in Mississippi has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for burning the church, which was also spray painted with “Vote Trump” a week before the 2016 presidential election.

WLBT-TV reports 47-year-old Andrew McClinton was sentenced Thursday in Greenville. Circuit Judge Margaret Carey-McCray also gave him 10 years of supervised release after the 10 in prison. McClinton pleaded guilty to arson on March 28.

Investigators said McClinton belonged to the church that was vandalized and burned, Hopewell Missionary Baptist in Greenville.


Idaho Falls Police were dispatched to the 400 block of Neptune Drive for reports that an armed and masked man had forced entry into a private residence around 1:30 a.m Sunday.

Within nine minutes of the 911 call being placed to Idaho Falls Dispatch, Idaho Falls Police Officers arrived on scene and apprehended the suspect outside the residence.

28-year-old Eddie Walker of Idaho Falls was arrested for burglary, aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill and was booked into the Bonneville County Jail.

A 12 gauge shotgun was recovered at the scene. Police say no shots were fired.

According to IFPD, one resident received minor injuries as a result of a physical altercation with the suspect before officers arrived on scene. No other injuries were reported in regards to this incident.


Stephen Routh went to the home after a neighbor called him about the intruders on Sunday. He arrived just as the three teen suspects were trying to leave from the back door. Routh pointed his gun at the teens and ordered them all to get on the ground. He was on the phone with 911 and held them at gunpoint until the police arrived. The teens didn’t take anything from the house but completely ransacked it.


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. – Clayton County Schools said it is investigating what led to a teacher getting into a fight with a student. The incident, which was caught on camera, happened at Charles Drew High School in Riverdale after the student threw a desk at the teacher. The video then shows the teacher push the high schooler to the floor and repeatedly punch the student. On Monday night, the student and his legal guardian spoke to Channel 2’s Matt Johnson. They showed him medical documents that say the punches led to a concussion. “That didn’t look like restraining him to me, it looked like you beat my child,” said Yaquanda Lewis. Lucas said the football coach supervising the class made a joke about the student’s stocking cap that involved his recently deceased mother. “He had his hat on and his stocking and he said the teacher said, ‘Quit cutting up your momma’s stockings and wearing them on your head.’ He said he was picking on him, trying to make the class laugh, and that made him upset,” Lucas said

The leader of an international child porn ring was killed in a prison beating this week after one of his victims predicted his fate. Fellow inmates at the federal prison in Milan, Michigan, where Maire was locked up, attacked him Friday, according to the outlet. Maire died at a hospital several hours later. The prison melee left four injured, including two guards. At least one of the attackers was armed with a homemade knife.


A woman fatally shot a man who was trying to rob her at a bus stop Tuesday morning in Chicago’s Fernwood neighborhood. The victim, a 25-year-old woman, was waiting for her bus when a 19-year-old man attempted to rob her at gunpoint. The woman, who has a conceal carry license, was armed as well. Surveillance video shows as they struggle, she pulled out her gun and shot him in the neck.

Jorge Porto-Sierra’s plan to burn and kill sex offenders was thwarted when police arrived too soon.

Police say that the 50-year-old Porto-Sierra was trying to kill sex offenders and set them on fire at the Friendly Village Inn & Motel in Kissimmee, Fla. An Osceola County detective said the man admitted his plan and he has now been charged with four counts of attempted premeditated murder.

According to the police report, a man was standing outside his room when Porto-Sierra jumped out of his car and began screaming at the individual. Terrified, the man ran back into his room, prompting Porto-Sierra to break one motel’s windows and pour gasoline inside. The enraged Porto-Sierra also reportedly yelled, “You’re going to die child molester! I’m coming in!” Meanwhile, the man and his roommate escaped through the back window.

In addition, Porto-Sierra allegedly attacked two other individuals inside a car in the hotel parking lot, first by pouring gasoline into the car through an open window. When the driver attempted to flee, Porto-Sierra got into his black Ford Focus and started ramming their car.

Deputies then arrived on the scene, where they say Porto-Sierra surrendered right away. Waiving his Miranda rights, Porto-Sierra confessed and told the authorities, “they raped kids, they are child molesters that all live here and deserve to die.”

Osceola County is known for being a sex offender haven, as it isn’t in the restricted range of schools, playgrounds, and churches, and there is a history of registered sex offenders living at the Friendly Village Inn & Motel.

WESH 2 News reported that at least two of the four victims are convicted sex offenders.

When the police asked why he didn’t follow through with the plan, Jorge Porto-Sierra responded, “because you got here too soon.”

He is currently in custody at the Osceola County Jail without bond.



Clark County District Judge Stefany Miley was charged with battery domestic violence this weekend in connection with an incident involving her 18-year-old son, according to an attorney who called police.

Miley, who has served on the bench since 2005, faces one count under her maiden name Stefany Tewell, stemming from an incident that occurred Saturday, according to Las Vegas Municipal Court records.

Details of her arrest were not immediately available. Miley is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Jan. 22.

The judge has hired defense attorney David Chesnoff, who said Wednesday afternoon that he had not seen the police report.

“We look forward to representing Judge Miley, who intends on vigorously defending herself against these mere allegations,” Chesnoff said.

The judge is in the midst of a divorce from Edward Miley, a family law and criminal defense attorney. One of his lawyers in the divorce, Bruce Gale, told the Review-Journal that he received a text message at 7:06 p.m. Saturday from Edward Miley, who had forwarded a message from his teenage son.

“Call me now,” Gale said the message read. “I need help. Mom punched me in the mouth and hit me in the head while I was driving. I (am) bleeding and need you to pick me up. She started screaming around the neighbors and tried falling on me to make it look like I was hurting her.”

Gale also said that the couple’s 8-year-old son was in the car at the time.

After reviewing Nevada’s Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers, Gale said, he spoke further with Edward Miley on Saturday night and then contacted police. Municipal court records show the incident was reported at 10:59 p.m.

Stefany Miley was first elected to Family Court in 2004 for a term that started in January 2005, before being elected to District Court in 2008.

Miley was granted a temporary protective order against her husband in late 2009 after he was arrested on domestic abuse charges, according to court records.

The judge told police that in October of that year, her husband had been drinking and was abusive to her, a police report stated.

The court papers stated Edward Miley became abusive with the family dog, grabbing the dog by the throat and threatening to kill it.

Neither the judge nor Edward Miley were available for comment Wednesday.

Edward Miley filed for divorce earlier this year, claiming “catastrophic health issues” and requesting “spousal support.”

The couple, who married in Austin, Texas, in 1997, both stated in filings with the court that they had become “incompatible in marriage to such an extent that it is impossible for them to live together as husband and wife.”

In his complaint, Edward Miley’s lawyers wrote that he “loves his wife Stefany very much, but regrettably the incompatibility between Edward and Stefany is so great that presently there is no possibility of reconciliation between them.”


Liam Deane, 22, was jailed a month ago after pleading guilty to punching two-day-old Luna in the face causing fatal injuries.

He was found dead in his cell at HMP Leeds on Sunday and another inmate, John Westland, 28, has been charged with murder. Westland was flanked by two police officers and a member of court escort staff as he was brought into the dock.

He remained handcuffed throughout the brief hearing, speaking only to confirm his personal details. A hearing will take place on Thursday at Leeds Crown Court. Luna’s mum had left her with Deane while she went to get some sleep.

But he lost his temper during the night when Luna continued to cry, Leeds Crown Court heard. Prosecutor Michael Smith said the injuries found on the baby included injuries to her brain, body, and face.

Mr Smith said: ‘He said he was responsible for all of the injuries that she had suffered and he said that Luna had not settled down and he lost control.’ The court heard how Luna’s mother Karen Bissett, 21, had gone upstairs at the family home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, on July 11 this year. The next day she was told by Deane that Luna had fallen.

An ambulance was called after Deane had spoken to his mother, saying the baby was having difficulty breathing and had fallen and hit her head. Paramedics arrived and noticed her face was badly swollen and bruised. Luna was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where she died in intensive care on July 14, three days after the attack.

A doctor concluded Luna had died after suffering head trauma, leaving her with ‘catastrophic brain injuries.’ Deane broke down when interviewed by police and admitted he was responsible for attacking the baby. He admitted punching Luna to the face, squeezing her body and arms and shaking her. Richard Wright, QC, representing Deane, said: ‘In my submission, there is simply no explanation for the defendant’s behavior.


With the huge success of the Netflix original, Making a murderer, the world got a chance to see to the struggles and torment of a potentially wrongly convicted person, and although the case of Steven Avery is an extreme example…. There are an unfortunate amount of people who have been accused of horrendous crimes they did not commit, some of which are in fact executed, only to be posthumously exonerated through the use DNA testing or campaigns like the innocence project… Here are five people who were wrongly convicted for crimes they had absolutely no involvement in.

A day after Judge Glenn Devlin of Houston lost his reelection bid, he released nearly all of the juvenile defendants who appeared before him, as long as they answered no when he asked if they planned to kill anyone. Devlin, one of the 59 Republican jurists in Harris County who was replaced by Democrats, allegedly said: “This is obviously what the voters wanted,” when he released juveniles who have been charged with a wide range of crimes.


A fearless 85-year-old great-grandfather is being hailed as a hero and an internet sensation after surveillance footage of him scaring three weapon-wielding robbers from a betting parlor in Ireland went viral over the weekend. Denis O’Connor sitting at Bar One Racing in Glanmire, County Cork, on Saturday evening when the masked would-be thieves burst into the venue. Two of the men rushed the counter and demanded money, threatening the store manager Tim Murphy, while the other pointed his shotgun at O’Connor.


A man armed with a shotgun got more than he bargained for when trying to steal a truck from an Albuquerque business. Instead of a free ride, surveillance video shows the victim wrestling away the suspect’s shotgun before he could use it. Albuquerque Policesay the shotgun-wielding man and another male suspect ram from the scene.


Largo, FL – Police are looking for a couple they say kidnapped and tried to kill a man in a drug-related crime.

They answered a call in the 200 block of 3rd Street NW around 11 Wednesday morning. They found Timothy Nichols, 28, shot in the head after two men and a woman wrapped his feet and hands in duct-tape and forced him into the back of a U-Haul truck. Nichols freed himself and police say 24 year old Rhionna Anderson fired that shot as he tried to get away. Nichols is hospitalized and expected to recover.

One of those men is in custody, but police are still looking for Derrick Heckman, 30, as well as Anderson. Police say they took off in the U-Haul and ditched it at Largo Mall.

Anderson and Heckman are considered armed and dangerous. They’re pictured in this article.


Uploaded August 29, 2018
A California man is facing 10 felony counts for allegedly sneaking out on dates just before the waiter brings the check, authorities said Monday. Paul Guadalupe Gonzalez, 45, set up dates across southern California and would enjoy the meals before he’d disappear. He pleaded not guilty to extortion, grand theft and other charges. Gonzales is accused of defrauding the women of nearly $1,000.


165 Central Florida Uber driver shoots, kills man chasing him
WInter Haven, FL – An Uber driver shot and killed a man who chased and threatened him in a “classic case of stand your ground,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Jason Boek, of Winter Haven, was killed in the shooting, which was reported around 2:20 a.m. Tuesday on Dundee Road, just east of Carl Floyd Road and County Road 550 near Cypress Gardens.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, a woman called for an Uber to take her home from the Grove Lounge on U.S. Highway 27 in Dundee because she had been drinking.

Another woman at the lounge walked the patron to her Uber when it arrived, deputies said. The women do not know each other.

The Uber driver, a 38-year-old Lake Wales man, drove the woman west on Dundee Road

Meanwhile, the woman who assisted the Uber passenger began receiving text messages from Boek, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, who thought she got into the Uber, deputies said. Boek told her he was going to pursue the Uber and beat up driver, according to officials.

Judd said it appears Boek thought his girlfriend, not the other bar patron, get into the car.

Boek drove a Ford F-250 pickup truck that was borrowed, and chased down the Uber driver, who was in a Hyundai, officials said. Boek pulled in front of the car, and the Uber driver thought he was trying to run him off the road, deputies said.

Boek stopped the truck and began walking toward the Hyundai, saying, “You know, I got a pistol. You want me to f****** shoot you?”

As Boek kept walking toward the car, the Uber driver, who is a concealed weapon permit holder and a licensed armed security guard who just finished the police academy, reached into the pocket of the driver door and retrieved a handgun, firing one shot at Boek, who was struck in the chest and killed, officials sai


‘I’m Gonna Make Sure Your Face Gets Out’ SALT LAKE CITY (CBS) — A mother’s emotional video showing a man who allegedly tried to film her daughter in a changing room has been viewed millions of times.

36-year-old Jorge Leon-Alfaro is facing charges for allegedly filming a 12-year-old girl who was changing in a dressing room stall at a Salt Lake City mall.

The girl’s mother, Doris Stiles-Scown, posted a video to Facebook describing what happened.

She says she went out of the dressing room to get her daughter a different size and when she returned, she allegedly saw Leon-Alfaro under the stall trying to grab her daughter’s legs. She says after she and a store employee yelled at him, he ran away, but Stiles-Scown ran after him.