On May 14, 2013, at approximately 9:27 PM, the victim placed his wallet on the counter of the Kangaroo Express located at 2011 West Vernon Ave. while he filled out a money order. Shortly after placing his wallet on the counter, the victim left the store – leaving his wallet behind. At approximately 9:42 PM the suspect arrived at the store. The suspect was driving an older model (1996-2003) White Ford F-150 pick-up truck – with a tool box in the bed of the truck. The suspect entered the store and purchased a soft drink and picked up the wallet and left the store at 9:45 PM. According to the victim, $250 in US Currency was in the wallet. The suspect appears to be a heavy set white male wearing a visor cap and was wearing sunglasses around his neck; in the still frames attached he is wearing a dark colored tee shirt, denim pants and brown boots. The suspect has numerous visible tattoos on both of his arms.


We are asking for help identifying this subject. If you have information about the identity of the this individual, you are asked to call Kinston Public Safety at (252) 939-322