A lesbian couple in Oklahoma have been charged with child abuse involving one of the duo’s 5-year-old son.

Authorities say he was struck with a hammer, whipped with a belt, had his eyes duct-taped shut, and was kicked and tortured so badly that he suffered strokes and seizures.

28-year-old Rachel Stevens (above, left) 25-year-old Kayla Jones (above, right) now reside in the Muskogee County Jail on felony charges of child abuse by, injury and child neglect.

Early December gave rise to the investigation when Rachel’s son was flown to St John Medical Center with lesions on his face and having seizures.

Doctors there contacted authorities after they determined that the boy had multiple broken bones in various stages of healing. He was also quite malnourished.

While in treatment, he suffered two strokes. The doctors associated them with the trauma he’d been through.

When investigators interviewed the young boy, they learned he’d been tied up, had duct tape placed over his eyes, and been kept in a locked room.

He also told them that his mom hit him on the hand with a hammer, and that both she and Kayla have hit him all over the body with a belt.

He added that his “stepmother” had kicked him so hard in the groin, that he bled.

Officials determined that the abuse went on for several months.

The ruthless couple then created a GoFundMe page for the boy, claiming he’d been picking at his own face and was having seizures after falling.

The women, who’ve reportedly been together for 18 months, lived in the home with the victim, his twin brother, and their seven-year-old sister. They don’t believe the other children were harmed.

Over a month later, the 5-year-old little boy is still in the hospital receiving treatment for his injuries.

His brother and sister have been taken out of the home and placed with the Department of Human Services.

Both women are due back in court later in January.