An 11-month-old child was the victim of sexual assault multiple times before the suspect was caught.

The man, now-31-year-old Shawn Joseph McCormack, was 28 years old when he used the kindness of friends in Bakersfield, California as a tool to commit the horrific crimes.

Living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Shawn would stay with these friends whenever he’d work anywhere near their area. At night, while the infant’s parents slept, he’d sneak out of the house and go to a motel room and record himself committing the sexual assaults. He’d then go back to the residence and put the baby back to bed before his friends awoke.

It all came to light when investigators in Boston happened upon a video during another bust. The video featured the man and child, and the background details were used to hunt the suspect down.

It turned out that a commercial playing on a television in the background of the video had only played during the particular program shown one time. That, together with finding out the location of the motel room by furnishings and other details, narrowed down the day and time of the incident.

Using all of the evidence officials had gathered, multiple agencies homed in on McCormack. A warrant was issued for his arrest on charges of sexual exploitation of children.

When he was found, a search warrant was served at his residence and “evidence was recovered that confirmed that McCormack was responsible for the possession and distribution of thousands of images and videos of child pornography,” police said.

He was charged with federal crimes of sexual exploitation of children and was sentenced to life in prison.