Heather Demonia and Thomas Broome had a heated argument one day. So heated, in fact, that one of them sped off in their vehicle, while the other stormed off on foot. In their rush to get away from each other, they left something important behind – their child.

The baby was left in its car seat on the side of the road where the argument had taken place. A shocked gas station clerk saw what appeared to be a baby’s car seat sitting there, went to investigate, and found a nine-month-old lying in it with just a bottle and a jar of Vaseline.

It was ten solid minutes before the tiny child’s mother, Heather, returned to get it from the gas station. She demanded her baby back, but the clerk, Angela Bumbalough, wasn’t 100% sure that she was the mother.

Soon thereafter, the baby’s father, Thomas, returned to the gas station. The Sheriff’s office was called and they were both arrested on charges of reckless conduct.

Nicole Bailes with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office said that there are signs of neglect on the child and that they’ll be seeking additional charges against the couple.

The child has been put in protective custody.