64-year old Bobby Gene Martin has been found guilty of his tenth DWI. In his latest incident, one of countless others, he also threatened to kill the police officer who arrested him, as well as the officer’s family.

Montgomery County jurors came to this verdict after knowing of only three of the prior DWIs – which were enough to make his latest a felony. According to Kyle Crowl of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, the jurors were amazed to find the man was still driving when they learned of the nine prior convictions.

Showing a career of alcohol and arrests spanning more than three decades, Martin was first arrested for driving while intoxicated in 1981. It proved to be just the first in a many, many run-ins with law enforcement.

His most recent arrest came in August of 2014, but he had threatened another police officer and his family in 1999 as well. It’s also reported that he went on a racist tirade towards a jailer.

He served time in 2012 for evading arrest, and had already amassed a whopping seven DWI convictions when he was found in a ditch with his car’s engine still running in a 2009 arrest. His blood alcohol content at the time was a .21, over double the legal limit in his home state of Texas.

His arrests have been in Harris, Waller and Montgomery Counties – all in Texas. They occurred in January of 1981, February of 1982, June of 1982, October of 1982, June of 1987, September of 1993, August of 1996, January of 1999, and March of 2009.

He has been sentenced to prison three different times for drunk driving: 1986, 1996, and 1999.

Proving that drinking, driving and being arrested countless times were no deterrent, the jury made sure that this time would be different.

“I think that resonated with the jury that if no matter what he does, if he ever gets out of jail, he’s going to do it again,” Crowl told the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

He will be 80 before he is even eligible to be released on parole.