A yoga instructor in Iowa was arrested for allegedly beating up a man using his cellphone and ‘ruining’ a showing of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood on Friday.

Nicholas Glasgow, 34, was taken into police custody for assault causing bodily injury after an incident at the Marcus Sycamore Cinema in Iowa City, in September.

According to a police report obtained by Smoking Gun, Glasgow became annoyed with a fellow moviegoer before the film began and demanded staff to speak with the victim about his phone usage.

Employees at Marcus Sycamore Cinema reported Glasgow saying, ‘to take care of it or he would,’ but no altercations were reported during the film’s screening.

However, Glasgow approached the victim and his friend after the movie to demand an apology for ‘ruining the film for him.’

Before the victim could respond, Glasgow, who’s six-feet-tall and 230 pounds, unleashed a thrashing on the man.

‘Before he could reaction, [Glasgow] began striking him in the face with a closed-hand fist. The victim and [Glasgow] began to fighting, the victim ended up on the ground, and [Glasgow] starting kicking the victim,’ the police report says.

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