Meet Jarrard Oliver. This 26-year-old young man needed a ride. A woman and her boyfriend supplied that ride. The trio headed to McDonald’s, and presumably to show his gratitude for the lift, Mr. Oliver covered the cost of all three meals. Afterwards, however, things went south in a hurry.
It seems Jarrard felt he deserved some nookie for his good deed. The woman (the driver) and her boyfriend whole-heartedly disagreed. As she drove, Jarrard continued trying to convince her, doing his best to coax her into the back seat. His coaxing consisted of grabbing her arms and hands as she tried to drive. During this ordeal, she did her best to keep her hands on the wheel, but was finally forced to stop the car. When she did, he immediately jumped out of the car and started trying to physically remove her while still voicing his request-turned-demand.
He began punching her and left her with an inch-and-a-half laceration above her left eye, as well other cuts and abrasions on her face and body.
When the woman’s boyfriend finally sprang into action, he jumped onto Jarrard’s back. This gave the woman time to pull the car forward a bit to a safe distance. The boyfriend, seeing this, then hopped off of the assailant’s back and made a bee-line to the car. The two drove immediately to St. Mary’s Medical Center for first aid. Staff at the hospital then called the police.
Police found Mr. Oliver still very near where the incident had occurred. He was taken into custody and pleaded the 5th to any and all questions the officers asked.

He now resides in the Palm Beach County Jail and faces felonies, battery and false imprisonment charges. He’s being held in lieu of $75,000 bail.

It should be noted that Jarrard Oliver and McDonald’s have a past. In 2012, he had beaten up a man at the restaurant after his debit card was stolen. No word on whether the victim had actually stolen it, but Oliver and his two friends ensured he’d never do it again, anyway. They were arrested soon thereafter.