An unnamed 25-year-old husband came home to find his wife naked in bed with another man – a man who was also naked. That man turned out to be her own father.

They were both asleep at the time, but the angry husband decided to awaken his father-in-law and confront him. It escalated from a verbal argument to a physical altercation which then spilled outside of the home in Potomac, Michigan.

During the melee, the father-in-law, identified as Henry Allen Michael of Detroit, stabbed the woman’s husband in the back. He then fled in the victim’s car, according to the Oakland County Police Department.

The victim was transported with non-life-threatening injuries and gave police his account of what happened.

Henry Allen Michael had resided with the couple since 2012 when he was released after 20 years in prison for robbery. He and his 24-year-old daughter had gone out drinking earlier that night. She claims she immediately passed out; that she has no memory of any of the events that unfolded once she got home. The results of a sexual assault exam haven’t been released as of yet.

Henry Michael was eventually tracked down when the car was listed ‘in connection with an attempted murder.’

He currently resides in Oakland County Jail on pending assault charges.

The husband is expected to make a full recovery.