James Pacheco, 43, isn’t too fond of prison in Florida. To remedy this, he decided to cop to killing a rival pimp in an unsolved murder case in Queens; the killing of William Figueroa on August 26, 1992.

The career criminal and former pimp was already facing life in prison in Florida after being convicted of beating a man to death with a 9-mm. handgun in Sanford. Presuming he had nothing to lose, he penned a letter.

A letter from Apalachee Correctional Institute in Sneads, Florida caught authorities in Queens off guard. Pacheco wrote in it that he’d killed Figueroa during a failed robbery attempt. The two had been at odds over running their prostitutes in the same areas.

In the letter, Pacheco confessed to killing Figueroa during a robbery attempt. At the time, both men were competing pimps running hookers in the area, he admitted.

Pacheco said he confessed to the killing so he could be closer to family in New York.

“He said that he was having a horrible time in Florida,” a law enforcement source said. “He also said he wanted to try to reconnect with family up here. He said he didn’t even know if his mother was alive or dead.”

Pacheco’s plan worked though…sort of. Detectives indeed got him to New York when they found evidence linking him to the murder.

He was indicted Friday and ordered held without bail.

But if he’s convicted of murder in New York, he will still likely be sent back to the Sunshine State to finish out his murder sentence.


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