31-year-old Tyrel Elsworth Cox from West Jordan, who has an extensive criminal history, was caught on a body camera fleeing police on Wednesday, July 29th. He was arrested after allegedly hitting a Unified police officer with his car. Cox had several warrants out for his arrest and was wanted by Adult Probation and Parole for being a fugitive.

He was seen leaving a house near 3100 South and 3200 West that the police in West Valley had been watching. Because of his history of fleeing from police, a helicopter from the Utah Highway Patrol was called to assist officers. When he realized he was being followed, he went west on 3500 South until he reached 5600 West, then went north to state Route 201, reaching speeds of up to 100 mph.

When he reached the 2100 South freeway, the officers on the ground called off their chase but had the helicopter continue to monitor his location. A Unified police officer was able to successfully spike the vehicle’s tires on SR-201 near the Bangerter Highway. Just past Bangerter, Cox swung the car towards a second officer setting up tire spikes and hit him.

The chase continued until the vehicle spun out and became disabled. He was then taken into custody. The officer was taken to the hospital and later released on Thursday. He is now resting at home with some tissue damage to his lower right leg.