A precious 9-week-old baby that had authorities nationwide searching for him, was murdered by his father – the details are even more disturbing.

Much of the country’s worst fears have been realized after a nationwide hunt for 9-week-old Chance Walsh had turned up nothing but suspicions.

A North Port, Florida couple has been arrested and charged with his murder after giving ever-changing stories as to his whereabouts since September September 16th.

After probable cause affidavits were released on separate dates for both Joseph Walsh, 36, and Kristen Bury, 32, more and more of the heart-wrenching and disturbing details emerged.

On the morning of September 16th, the couple were having a heated argument when Joseph allegedly hit Chance several times. At one point, Kristen yelled at Joseph, saying, “You are going to break his fucking neck!” Joseph then told Kristen he was going to ‘bash Chance’s head into the ground’. Throughout all of this, Kristen never once called 911 and did nothing to save the baby boy. These are just the details released in Joseph’s probable cause affidavit.


Kristen’s makes it even more disturbing. According to that document, Joseph forced a pacifier into Chance’s mouth so hard that it caused it to bleed. He then took the infant into the bathroom for a short time. When he came out, he told Kristen that there was a baby wipe in Chance’s throat. Kristen says that when she brought him out, he was turning blue and, according to her, used ‘extreme measures’ to try and remove the wipe from his throat. She then put him to bed.

She claims that hours later, she was trying to feed him formula when she noticed that he was gasping for air. Just a short time later, he died.

He was then put into his crib and left there for days.

Joseph told investigators that the reason Kristen didn’t attempt to get any medical assistance, according to her, was because “she didn’t want to lose both people she loves in the same day.”

Chance, still lying lifeless in his crib, had started to decompose, and the couple found the smell so overwhelming that Joseph wrapped him in garbage bags and put him into a closet.

It wasn’t until September 24th that the couple woke up just before daylight and took him and buried him at Elliot Court in Northport. They then left Florida altogether and headed north.


They told authorities that they were heading off to start a new life. They were arrested after getting into an accident in Hardeeville, South Carolina.

On October 15th, Kristen told detectives where they’d buried baby Chance. His body was found wearing only a diaper.

Both were charged with first-degree felony murder.

Kristen pleaded not guilty to the charge on Tuesday, while Joseph pleaded not guilty through his public defender on Thursday.