A 33-year-old man, Ben Stribling, contacted a 13-year-old girl on Facebook with claims that he was a student studying sexology. He tried to convince her to let him take her virginity ‘for homework’.

The girl claims she told him to leave her alone multiple times before finally blocking him. He found other ways to contact her, leading her to tell her parents who then contacted police.

Investigators cloned her account in order to see what he was sending her in order to try and confirm the accusations.

He explained that he was studying sexology and that sex with a virgin was ‘for educational purposes’ so he could ‘understand how it worked’.

The girl (now the detectives) finally agreed to meet with him. When he arrived, he was carrying two video cameras, fake permission slips from his supposed professor, condoms, sex toys, a stethoscope, girls’ underwear, and fake rose petals.

He was promptly arrested.

It turns out he was already on parole for a case involving luring of a child and harassment in an El Paso County case, and is also a registered sex offender.

He confessed to two counts of enticing a child for sexual exploitation and was sentenced to 21 years in prison.