34-year-old Saverio Bellante from Palermo, Italy was arrested after he murdered his 39-year-old landlord, Tom O’Gorman, early in the morning on Sunday, July 26th at the victim’s house in the Castleknock suburb, north of Dublin.

Mr. O’Gorman was a policy researcher and a regular contributor to the Iona Institute, a conservative Catholic group which lobbies against same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Bellante murdered his landlord and then called the police to report the incident. He admitted that he beat Mr. O’Gorman, cut open his chest, and tried to eat his heart after an argument over a move in a chess match.

A post-mortem examination on the victim established that he had suffered dozens of knife wounds to his head and chest. While a section of the lung was missing, the man’s heart actually remained intact.

The accused appeared at a Dublin court on Monday, July 27th, but offered no plea. He was without lawyers and told the judge he wanted to represent himself. He also added that he would reject state-funded legal aid.

Detective Patrick Traynor testified in court on Thursday, July 30th, that when charged with murder in police custody earlier, Bellante replied, “I am guilty.”

He is now held without bail in Dublin’s Cloverhill Prison and Judge David McHugh ordered he receive a psychiatric evaluation ahead of his next court appearance on Friday, July 31st.