21-year-old Jack Brierley tried to strangle himself in court after he was sentenced to five years and seven months in prison at Liverpool Crown Court.

He was arrested after he punched and beat a pedestrian last November with an exhaust pipe because the man made a joke about his noisy exhaust. The incident took place on the streets of Ashton-in-Makerfield, Greater Manchester.

The 41-year-old victim, Anthony Jordan, suffered a fractured skull, a ten-centimeter gash to his head, bruising, and swelling to his arm. He was kept in the hospital for two days. His lawyers have revealed that, since the attack, he has been diagnosed with tinnitus, depression, anxiety, and that the attack severely changed his personality.

Brierley attempted to escape the dock and knocked a female security guard to the ground as chaos broke out during his court hearing on August 25th. He grabbed his tie with two hands, tightened it, and shouted that he wanted to die.

At the end of his sentencing, he shouted that he didn’t want to leave his son while he was in prison. After order was restored, he was heard sobbing and repeatedly apologizing.