A man wanted in connection with a sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl in Kentucky moved to Detroit, Michigan to start a new life. Once there, he suddenly had the urge to become a cop – you know, to help rid the world of the dregs of society and all.

25-year-old John Wesley Rose found a girlfriend and even moved into her mother’s house. He then applied for a job as a jail officer at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

While looking through his application, an officer picked up on some red flags, as he referred to them, so he did some more thorough checking.

Mr. Rose’s warrants had somehow failed to make into the national database. But the red flags caused Wayne County to reach out to Madison County in Kentucky, and that’s when they realized he was wanted on six warrants for six felonies, including first-degree sexual abuse, sodomy, and rape.

Once they were on to him, Wayne County authorities called Rose in for an interview. He was promptly arrested.

He’s now awaiting extradition to Kentucky.


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