A crying baby apparently disturbed a nanny who was grabbing a nap. It appears it costs the small child her life. The nanny then force-fed the baby until it became unresponsive and died.

66-year-old Oluremi Oyindasola, a live-in nanny, was recorded by a home surveillance system napping on the couch when the crying 8-month-old baby came up to her in a walker.

Ms. Oyindasola initially tried to feed the the infant, identified as Enita Salubi, while she was still in the walker, but it proved unsuccessful. She then pulled the girl out of the walker, held her around its chest, and “proceeded to pour a large amount of white liquid directly inside the victim’s mouth,” according to charging documents.

For nearly 30 seconds, the little girl “appeared to squirm and aggressively resist as the defendant continued to force a large amount of liquid inside her mouth.”

After the first bottled was empty, Ms. Oyindasola forced another entire bottle into the girl.

According to records, during those feedings, the baby “displayed difficulty breathing and signs of medical distress.”

After that second bottle, the baby became unresponsive. At roughly 4:10 p.m., she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

An autopsy revealed white liquid inside the tiny child’s lungs. A medical examiner determined the baby had died of asphyxiation and ruled it as a homicide.

Ms. Oyindasola was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, first-degree child abuse resulting in death, and other related charges.

She’s now being held in the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections.


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