An officer shot and wounded a person who sought on a warrant during a struggle as the officer tried to arrest him. The man is recovering at the hospital.

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona — Flagstaff Police officials have released the name of the officer and the suspect in Monday’s officer-involved shooting.

The incident began to unfold Monday afternoon on the 2100 block of E. Route 66, when the officer, identified Tuesday evening as Nick Rubey, made contact with a person on a bicycle that the officer knew had a warrant out for his arrest. That person was identified Tuesday evening as 52-year-old Matthew Dearing. Afterwards, there was fight that resulted in the officer deploying his pepper spray.

Dearing, according to the statement Tuesday, then reached towards his waistline, retrieving an item believed to be a knife. Officer Rubey then ordered Dearing to drop his knife. Dearing then told Officer Rubey he didn’t have a knife, and simultaneously deployed a pepper spray at Officer Rubey’s face, severely impairing the officer’s eyesight. Officer Rubey then fired at Dearing once, striking him in the neck area.

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