METHAMPHETAMINE ARRESTS -Tip leads to multi-agency case with four in custody

At approximately 3:00 PM on Thursday, September 26, 2013, Jacksonville Police Special Operations Division Detectives received information that there were subjects purchasing a suspicious amount of materials that are known to be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. The tip included a description of the vehicle that had just left the retail establishment.

Detectives located the vehicle at the intersection of Hickory Road and US 258 and conducted a traffic stop. A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in locating the methamphetamine precursor chemicals (materials used to manufacture methamphetamine). The investigation led detectives to a residence at 106 Ashe Street, where the garage was being used to manufacture methamphetamine. Officers blocked the roadway and secured the area.

NC State Bureau of Investigation responded to the scene to provide site safety, along with Jacksonville Fire Department, Southwest Volunteer Fire Department and Onslow County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Deputies.

At the scene, 17 pit bull dogs were located in buildings on the property, to include one animal chained inside of the garage, in the area of the suspected methamphetamine lab. Onslow County Animal Control responded to remove the animals. The dog inside of the garage was sedated, removed by law enforcement officers and turned over to Animal Control officers for transport to their facility for decontamination and to monitor its health.

Once the animals were removed, an initial assessment of the crime scene determined that there was no immediate public safety concern. An SBI Chemist was dispatched to process and remediate the site. The site was safety remediated and the homeowner was advised.

Four subjects were charged and remain at the Onslow County Jail. Their charges are detailed below. “Because of the dangerous nature of the chemicals involved in the manufacture of methamphetamine, it is imperative to have a coordinated public safety response.” stated Captain Jason Bettis, JPD Investigations.

“We appreciate the assistance and cooperation of NC State Bureau of Investigation, Southwest Volunteer Fire Department, Onslow County Animal Control and Onslow County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Deputies in responding to this crime scene and their work in quickly remediating this site ” said Chief Mike Yaniero, Director of Public Safety.

sybil barchlor

Sybil Batchelor , 57
402 Hickory Rd
$67,000 Bond
Possess/Distribute Meth Precursor (3 counts)
Conspiracy (Felony)




jack ames ii

Jack Ames II, 32
106 Ashe Street
$187,000 Bond
Manufacture Methamphetamine
Possess Weapon of Mass Destruction
Conspiracy (Felony)
Possess/Distribute Meth Precursor (3 counts)



steven malpass

Steven A. Malpass, 48
1547 Catherine Lake Road
Possess/Distribute Meth Precursor (3 counts)
Conspiracy (Felony)




christine seymour

Christina Seymour, 36
1547 Catherine Lake Road
Possess/Distribute Meth Precursor (3 counts)
Conspiracy (Felony)