A Minnesota Uber driver has been arrested and charged after attempting to take a minor back to his apartment against her will to have sex with him.

50-year-old Dahir Aden picked up the female victim then drove to pick up her friend, who he dropped off elsewhere.

The victim asked him to take her to her own home, but he refused and got on the highway. Once the victim asked where they were going, he told her he was taking her back to his apartment to have sex with her. He also told her not to tell anyone. The victim told him she didn’t want to, and asked again for him to take her home. He again refused and kept driving.

During the drive, the victim sent text messages to her friend asking for the police to be called.

When Aden pulled up to his apartment, he told the victim to “go inside, go inside to have quick sex.” The victim told him “no” and got out of the car.

He continued, saying, Ccome on now, we are running out of time. Let’s just go have sex.” By this time, he was becoming aggravated and told her to hang up her phone, before he tried taking it from her. She then got away from him.

When officers arrived, they asked him how he knew the victim. He initially told them she was his girlfriend, but finally admitted that she wasn’t.

He also told cops that he was just giving the girl a ride home, which is in Minneapolis, to which they queried why he was in West Saint Paul. He didn’t have a good answer for that one.

An officer searched him and found a large quantity of condoms.

He was arrested and charged with false imprisonment.

He faces up to three years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000 if he’s convicted.


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