A Minnesota woman has been accused of starving and beating her nanny, a Chinese woman. She’s been charged with human labor trafficking, and four other felonies.

35-year-old Lili Huang was accused by her nanny, who isn’t being identified, but is 58 years old, of beating and starving her.

Police had found the nanny wandering the streets this past Thursday night, with two black eyes, broken ribs, and a broken sternum. A county attorney said her injuries were more like that of a slave than a nanny.

The nanny, through a translator, told authorities that she started working for Ms. Huang in Shanghai and moved to their home in Minnesota in March.

She’d been promised a room and $890 a month. She was forced to work 18 hours a day, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family’s kids. All tallied up, it amounted to less than $2 an hour, which she claims she never received. She was purportedly never let out of the house, and was often beaten in front of the children.

When she told Ms. Huang that she wanted to return to China, she took her passport and said she wasn’t going anywhere,” according to the victim.

The abuse had apparently gone up a few notches this month. On July 4th, Huang grabbed her hair and slammed her head onto a table and various other objects.

She said she was so hurt by the beatings on July 10th, that she couldn’t even get up from her hands and knees for at least four hours.

On July 13th, Huang purportedly ran after her with a knife and threatened to kill her after she’d accidentally spilled food on the counter.

When the victim was found last Thursday, she’d told cops that she’d fled the house to find an airport so she could go home.

She claims she weighed 120 pounds when she arrived in the U.S., but after just four months in the Huang home, had plunged to 88 pounds. She says she was only given scraps of food.

Agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as well as police from four different cities, arrested Ms. Huang.

While searching her home, they found a bag of hair under the victim’s mattress, which she says Huang had ripped out of her head. She says she’d hidden the hair so she wouldn’t be forced to eat it.

Ms. Huang was in court Friday, and was charged with five felonies; labor trafficking, seizing a passport while intending to violate labor trafficking, false imprisonment, assault with a dangerous weapon, and assault causing substantial bodily harm.

She’s being held on $1 million unconditional bail, and $350,000 conditional bail.

She’s next due in court on August 18th.