A Minnesota Applebee’s restaurant was the setting for a shocking and disturbing incident committed by 43-year-old Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch.

She was eating with her husband at the establishment in Coon Rapids when she heard Asma Mohamed Jama, a Kenyan immigrant, speaking Swahili with her family.

Ms. Buchard-Risch became incensed by this and started yelling at them. Asma then turned to her and said, “I live in America. I can speak English, but we prefer to speak our own language. If it bothers you, I’m sorry.”

It apparently did bother her, because she then threw her drink on Asma before swinging her now-empty beer mug in what has been described as a ‘roundhouse punch’ motion into the woman’s face.


She then took off, but a manager was able to keep up with her until police arrived.

Ms. Jama needed 17 stitches in her nose, eyelid and lip from deep lacerations.

Jodie Buchard-Risch, who’s no stranger to violence – having been convicted of assault in 2011, was charged with third-degree assault, and has a December 7th court date.

According to criminal division chief of the Anoka County attorney’s office, Paul Young, hate crime charges are a very real possibility.

“We are absolutely considering additional charges and potential factors that can enhance sentencing,” he said. “We share everyone’s concerns. No one should be a crime victim because of language or ethnicity.”


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