Jason Schlueter and Laura Bentley, along with another unnamed woman under the age of 21, held a 16-year-old boy down and raped him.

The boy tells police that the couple raped him in their Carrollton home in late August or early September – all while their four kids were in the same house.

He claims he told them that he wasn’t interested in group sex, but Jason allegedly held him down while Laura and the other woman raped him.

One of the couple’s children, a 6-year-old girl, awoke during the incident and witnessed the sexual assault taking place. She claims she was spanked for it. Records show that Laura says the daughter witnessed another threesome – which didn’t involve a teen boy. That same daughter, however, was able to name all four people involved in this incident.

Jason, on the other hand, admitted to the foursome, but still denies ever touching the boy, but “didn’t know” if Laura did or not.

It’s not clear how the couple knew the boy or the other woman involved, or whether this other woman is even facing charges.

Jason was charged with sodomy and rape, while Laura has been charged with sodomy.