A Missouri woman walked into her barn and found a man attempting to have sex with her cow.

68-year-old Darrell Helton was caught with his pants down and charged with unlawful sex with an animal after he was alleged to have been caught in the act.

The woman had noticed a car parked near her barn on the evening of June 10th, and went in her barn to investigate.

As she entered, according to a probable cause affidavit, she saw a man naked and standing behind one of her cows, appearing to be having sex with it.

Mr. Helton told responding deputies that he’d gone to the property, caught a cow, tied it to the corral, then tried to have sex with it.

He also said it was the second time he’d had sex with a cow on the woman’s property.

He was charged with unlawful sex with an animal, a Class A Misdemeanor, and faces up to one year in prison.

The cow was unavailable for comment.