He may have killed her – beating her with a bat, slicing her with a butcher knife, and shooting her, possibly even more – but he apparently wanted to pay homage to dear ol’ mom one last time.

Shane Harrelson is a 23-year-old Kansas City, Missouri man accused of brutally murdering his mother, 47-year-old Michelle R. Harrelson, after she chastised him for being lazy and dirty.

The victim’s boyfriend found her body after he said Shane appeared, bloody and shaking, telling him what his mother had just berated him for. Panicking and unsure what to do, the boyfriend then called Shane’s father. He arrived to find his son freehand tattooing ‘Mom’ on his own thigh.

When authorities arrived, they found Mrs. Harrelson’s body in a brush pile, and Shane in the garage still giving himself the tattoo.

They told him to drop the tattoo gun, which he initially ignored. He later apologized to the officers for that, adding that “it must be tough coming to things like this.”

His father told the officers that his son had a history of mental illness and that he’d been admitted for treatment before.

Investigators conducting a thorough search outside turned up plastic trash bags containing rags near the body, a baseball bat, and a butcher knife — all of which were covered in blood.

Once inside the home, they found a cordless drill covered in blood, human hair, and bone fragments. Spent 9 mm shell casings were also found near the body and scattered in the home.

Shane told police during questioning on Sunday that he’d “kissed her goodbye,” but declined to elaborate. He then told them that he was tired of talking about her.

He was charged Monday with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. Prosecutors requested a $500,000 bond.