A teacher’s aide at Jasper High School has been served a summons. She’s being sued for sexually abusing a student.

46-year-old Janice Rusk, along with her husband, and Dan Rusk, have been named as defendants in the lawsuit filed in Jasper County Circuit Court.

The plaintiff, who was 16 at the time of the abuse, has been identified only by initials in the paperwork filed by his attorney, Scott Vorhees.

Mrs. Janice Rusk pleaded guilty back in January of last year to second-degree statutory sodomy and second-degree statutory rape in connection with her abuse of the boy with whom she had sexual contact in December of 2013. She was sentenced in March of last year to seven years in prison, and is serving time at a women’s prison.

She was a teacher’s aide in the high school’s special ed at the time of the offenses.

According to the lawsuit, she “repeatedly sought opportunities to sexually molest (the boy) by bribery, employing manipulative tactics, false professions of affection, forced vows of secrecy and silence, and other such methods to coerce the minor child into keeping her actions silent, despite the enormous harm she was inflicting on the child physically, emotionally and mentally.”

It also asserts that the victim “did not have the physical or mental wherewithal to consent or escape from her advances.”

A second count claims that her husband “knew or should have known that his wife was using marital funds to bribe children” but “turned a blind eye” to “multiple warning signs of inappropriate behavior” on the part of his wife and, by doing so, enabled her “sexually inappropriate perversities.”

It claims that Mr. Rusk witnessed inappropriate conduct of his wife with minor boys that should have prompted him to intervene/rescue them and report his wife’s behavior to the parents or law enforcement. He took none, it alleges.

The compensatory and punitive damages being sought haven’t been disclosed.