What would you do to get your ex back? Send truckloads of flowers? Dedicate songs to him or her on the radio station you know they’re constantly listening to? Put a plastic bag over your head, throw yourself into a ditch, and claim you were raped? Well, the latter is what 19-year-old aspiring model Kayla Earl did.
Kayla told the cops who found her around 5 am near a Pleasant Grove, Alabama cemetery that she’d been visiting a friend’s grave when a man grabbed her, threw a plastic Walmart bag over her head, attempted to rape her, then tossed her in that ditch. But at as her interview with the detectives carried on, her story started falling apart. She finally caved and told them that she’d made it all up in the hopes that her ex-boyfriend would have sympathy for her and take her back.
Her story had sent the small town into a tailspin of worry and panic. She apologized for making the false claims and detectives say she realizes the gravity of falsely reporting the attack.
Pleasant Grove Detective Jason Davis told the local news, “She is going through some personal problems. Between that and wanting attention, it turns out none of this happened. We've gotten tons of calls about it. Everyone was worried about their safety. We want to let our people know we don't have some guy going around here attacking women. That's the important thing.”

She has been charged with false reporting of a crime, which is a misdemeanor.