A little free advice from the folks here at Busted Locals: If you're going to get on the Internet to either try and prove you're a badass to be feared or fake the same, do more to conceal your true identity than just change your name.

Meet 38-year-old Jonathan Giraldo. He hid behind the moniker of Tony Garcia aka Anthrax. He claimed on his Facebook profile to be a hitman and 'The Most Wanted'.

Tony…er…Jonathan, hailing from Miraflores, Peru, freely posted videos and photo after photo showing his unaltered face, his arsenal of weapons (at least one of which was a handgun with a silencer), and cold, hard cash.

“On the streets, you learn more than in school,” he boasted — immediately proving that to be untrue.

As might be expected, all of this got attention — especially from the police. They soon tracked him down and found him in his apartment in Miraflores. He was actually in the process of updating that same Facebook profile when police arrived.

“At the moment, he is being held on firearm offenses,” police spokesman Leonidas Menendez said. “The truth of it is,” he continued, “at the moment, we do not know yet if he really is a contract killer or if he is an idiot making up a fantasy life from his bedroom, but we will find out the truth. We are currently doing ballistics checks on the weapons and looking at his bank accounts to see if there have been any suspicious payments.”