Barbara Ramirez-Sifuentes (aka Barbara Russo), a 21-year-old mother of a three-year-old son and twin 15-month-old daughters, from Pearland, Texas. She was indicted by a grand jury last week in the deaths of those 15-month-old twins as a result of leaving them unattended in a filling bathtub.
She’s been charged with two counts of manslaughter in their deaths, but most-shockingly, she was seen smiling as she was arrested and taken away in handcuffs on Sunday – Mother’s Day.
Barbara had called 911 on the 17th of February to report the apparent drowning of her twin girls, Sabrina and Savannah, in the bathtub. She had been cleaning and playing music in another room as the water was still running to fill the tub the toddlers were sharing. It was during this time that the girls slipped under the water. When police arrived, the girls were unresponsive and immediately flown by medical helicopter to a nearby hospital. One of them died that day. The other was taken off of life support and died just a few days later. She, her three-year-old son, and their uncle were all home at the time of the incident.
Barbara was found when the Harris County Toll Road Authority's Incident Management Division dispatch used their license plate recognition system to spot her.
Her attorney, Stan Schneider, maintains that she’s innocent.
“It's just a horrible accident. And this is what happens sometimes when accidents occur.”
Judy Poston, one of her neighbors, said, “My heart goes out to the family. I know that they're grieving. [One of the girls] had very little brain activity so she's better off where she is. I hope that they can get through this together. I hope that eventually they can become strong. I know that you never ever get over the death of a child but with time hopefully they can get on with their lives”
She also claims that Barbara had attempted CPR on tiny Sabrina.
Lene Owerbach, another neighbor, said, “It's very sad, not one baby, but two. I don't even know what to think it's going to be with them the rest of their lives. It must be devastating to them.”
Children's Protective Services is investigating the incident as well, and have said that they had investigated Barbara and the family before in regards to the older three-year-old child. He has since been placed elsewhere.

Barbara Ramirez-Sifuentes was released on a $100,000 bond on Monday.