Attention residents of Festus, Missouri: There is an incredibly large and dangerous spider loose in your area. It is unknown if this spider is walking or driving a vehicle. It has already claimed the life of a 17-month-old baby girl and broken the leg of a bruised and battered three-year-old boy.
This is the alert that 21-year-old Taylor Lynn Fast would have the public and police believe if she had her way. Lucky for basically any living thing, she doesn’t.
Taylor called police to her Festus apartment Sunday morning, claiming that her daughter, 17-month-old Layla, had suffered a spider bite the day before. She didn’t even realize her daughter was dead at this point. When officer’s arrived, they were in shock at the baby’s condition.
In what Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis describes as looking like a child involved in a car accident and stating, “Her last few seconds of life were a pure hell,” it was clear that police didn’t and don’t even remotely believe Ms. Fast’s story.
The child had severe injuries to her face and neck and was covered in bruises. It is the worst case of child abuse officers in the department had ever seen. Paramedics treating her state that the infant had been dead for ‘several hours.’
A three-year-old boy, also living in the home, was likewise covered in bruises and had a broken leg. It’s unknown if he was young Layla’s brother or not.
Taylor Fast has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, which police say could still change as their investigation continues. Her boyfriend, who has not been named, is also being sought by police. As of now, he is simply a ‘person of interest,’ but police claim that, too, could change.

Neither of the two have criminal pasts.