Mom-of-15 ‘made her children watch as she BOILED their puppies alive, beat her pregnant 14-year-old daughter until she had a miscarriage and kept an overweight child in a “fat chain” for THREE YEARS to force her to lose weight’

A mother-of-15 is accused of beating and torturing her children in a campaign of abuse in which she forced them to watch as she boiled their puppies alive.

Martha Crouch, 53, of Aztec, New Mexico, was arrested Monday accused of abusing her children and forcing them to watch as their pets were cruelly murdered.

Crouch, who was charged with child abuse and extreme cruelty to animals, is a mother of 15 children, some of whom are now adults and alerted New Mexico police to her abuse.

One teen daughter told authorities of physical and emotional abuse that had gotten so bad that two of her older siblings took her from New Mexico to Arizona to keep her safe, according to court documents.

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