An Indianapolis woman did what she thought was the right thing; she turned her son in as a suspect in the death of 15-year-old Daniel Neal Burns, who was found shot to death on October 17th.

Her son, 16-year-old Christian Qualls, was officially charged with the murder Friday.

A maintenance man found Daniel’s body inside an apartment and Christian’s mother asked officers if her son was a suspect.

Christian had been breaking into apartments, according to her. “I’m just gonna put it out there and tell it. He’s been out here robbing people. He’s been breaking into apartments and cars and stealing things,” she told cops. “He’s been hiding in abandoned apartments up here and I’ve been looking for him.”

She also informed them that her brother’s .45-caliber Ruger had been stolen, and that she knew Christian had access to it.

Bullet casings found in the living room wall of the apartment where Daniel’s body was found matched those from the missing gun. It was found later in bushes near the apartment.

One teen told investigators that he’d seen Christian with the gun the day before the murder. Another one said that the victim and suspect had stolen some things out of a car and that they’d then argued over the take.

When police interviewed Christian, he told them that Daniel had been shot by a drug dealer when he couldn’t afford the weed he was trying to buy.

Christian, however, was chosen in a police lineup and charged with the murder.

Aside from the murder charge, Christian has also been charged with misdemeanor carrying of a handgun without a license.

His trial has been set for January 11th.

The victim


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