A woman who gave birth at home to twins before beating one of them to death and stuffing the other stillborn baby into a laundry basket has been jailed for a year.

The mother, identified only as 23-year-old Serbian Jelica S., told a court in Lucerne, Switzerland, that she panicked after going into labour two months early having split up with the babies’ father after he pressured her to get an abortion.

Jelica explained how she was at the home she shared with her mother and sister in December 2015 when contractions started, and she jumped into the bath and began looking up advice online.

She said: ‘I did not know how a child is born. I filled the bathtub when it started. I do not remember today how I did it.

‘I just remember lying in the bathtub and looking on the internet for what to do.’

Jelica delivered the first baby herself but told the court: ‘I was scared because he (the baby) did not scream properly.’

Blick reports that Jelica’s mother was home at the time, but incredibly did not hear the birth taking place.

Stuffing the silent infant under her clothes, Jelica went and got the basement key from her mother before going downstairs and hitting the child against the wall.

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