Proving some women simply don’t deserve the very uterus they were born with, much less the ability to reproduce, 20-year-old Meagan Work of Austin, Texas takes the cake.
A friend called authorities after becoming concerned about Meagan’s 2-year-old son’s whereabouts. Meagan had a history with Child Protective Services in Texas. They’d received four complaints in the child’s first six months of life. Tracking her down to resolve those complaints, however, proved difficult when Meagan’s own whereabouts changed so often. Meagan, had been living out of her car at times and with friends at other times. When finally tracked down this last time, she told investigators ever-changing stories; first that little Colton Brandt Turner, given the last name of Meagan’s boyfriend at the time (but not the boy’s father), Michael Brandt Turner, had been kidnapped from the car, then that she had given him away to a couple she’d met at a restaurant, and finally, that he had died in a motel room.
Soon after the concerned friend’s call, investigators turned to Michael Brandt Turner for an interview at San Saba County Jail where he was serving time for on unrelated offenses. One day later, he took them to where Colton had been buried in a shallow grave in a wooded area. Meagan had beaten him to death.
A witness revealed that he had seen Meagan slam the boy’s head against a truck, as well as shake him violently and slap him on July 7th of last year. Relatives had shared photos of various injuries Colton had, consisting of scratches and bruises on his head. CPS had resolved two of the four complaints. The other two were still under investigation when authorities found the child’s body.
She had already pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and assault charges in the past, and has now been charged with injury to a child in Colton’s death, while Turner has been charged with injury to a child by omission.
Meagan, who was four months pregnant (this one Michael Turner’s biological child) when she was arrested last September in connection with young Colton’s death, gave birth to another baby boy last month. CPS took the child into custody while it is determined whether he will live with a family member or remain in foster care. The decision is expected in a short time.

She is currently residing in the Travis County Jail as she and Michael Turner await an April 13th court date.

In the time since the tragedy unfolded, local legislation named after Colton – Colton’s Law – has been introduced which would mandate that law enforcement become involved in the event a child may be in danger while CPS is pursuing those running from them, as was precisely the case with Meagan Work.

The child’s aunt and a friend wrote in a statement, “In order to protect this child from undue duress surrounding this tragedy, we decline all requests for comment. Please understand that Colton's Law will save and protect thousands of children per year in Texas from suffering the same fate as Colton.”