Alysa Bathrik, the 18-year-old North Carolina beauty better known by her online moniker 'cute mugshot girl' after her arrest on drug charges (and subsequent mugshot), is back at it again.
If you don’t remember her by her name, nickname or otherwise, you may remember her 'infamous' tweet: 'Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. F**k what you heard. And my mugshot's cute.' That was December 1st. Her mugshot was shared thousands of times; earning her the nickname. Twitter users/followers seeking to find out what her arrest was for, were treated to the short-but-sweet Tweet, 'Xanax homie,' which she blamed on her then-boyfriend turning her in. She’s had zero problems finding a plethora of new suitors offering their 'hearts,' likely based on looks alone.
Fast forward just around two months, and she was arrested again, this time for shoplifting, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her new mugshot is shockingly similar. (Maybe she fashions herself around possible run-ins with the law and another 15 minutes of fame on the Internet?)
You may also remember the male versions; one being Jeremy Meeks. He was arrested and charged with felony street terrorism, resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, in June of last year. Having a prior conviction of felony grand theft from 2002, Meeks was actually offered a modeling contract following his mugshot taking the Internet by storm.
Yet another, Sean Kory, found 'fame' after his glorious mugshot found the light after assaulting a man with a tennis racket during a Halloween parade.
Want Internet infamy? It doesn’t always require a unique talent or a viral video. Sometimes it just requires being gorgeous and breaking the law.
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