“The Hills Have Eyes” John Miller, 67, and 31-year-old Michael Miller have been arrested on murder charges over the shooting Aaron Howard on September 1 in Abilene, Texas. Howard’s fiancee, Kara Box, used her cell phone to film the argument which led to the shooting. The argument took place in an alley behind Howard’s home on Don Juan Street in Abilene. It shows both John and Michael Miller holding firearms. The father has a pistol in his right hand while the son standing just a few feet behind him is gripping a shotgun. Howard demands they put down their weapons before John Miller pulls the trigger on his pistol, though this is not captured by video. The footage does capture his son following up by firing his shotgun though.



A Pennsylvania mother has been arrested and charged after she killed her 17-month-old son, then sent a video message of the boy’s body to his father during an argument.

21-year-old Christian Clark has been arraigned for the murder of 17-month-old Andre Price III, as well as the attempted murder of his two-year-old sister, Angel.

Ms. Clark was arguing with the boy’s father, Andre Price Jr., for over two hours via text messaging when she started sending increasingly violent messages starting at around 9 p.m. Tuesday. She was reportedly upset at having to clean up toilet water that the children had spilled, and because she believed Mr. Price had left for work earlier in the day to have sex with another woman.

Two of the dozens of texts sent to Mr. Price were “Ya kids ain’t safe here I don’t want them here” and “Answer me or im going to jail for child endangerment” [sic]. But at 10:01 p.m., she sent the most disturbing one: “I’m killing them,” which had a laughing-til-it-cried emoji.

At 10:14 p.m., she sent the first video. It showed the two kids lying face-down. She narrated it with, “Ahh, look. Angel is still alive and sweating. Your son, on the other hand, is not even breathing, I wish I could keep the camera still.”

At 10:19 p.m., she sent another video which showed her grabbing Angel’s head, causing the girl to cry. When she grabbed little Andre’s head, he didn’t respond at all.

She says in this video, “First of all, she is clearly fine, because watch, see she is not dead. Him, on the other hand, he doesn’t budge. So you might want to call the ambulance.” One minute later, she texted, “All cus you wanted to go (have sex with) her & come here when you like.”

At 10:23 p.m. she admitted to being responsible for the innocent toddler’s death, with, “Im sure it’ll hurt me one im sitting in jail & you got all the evidence you need to I can’t even say he suffocated in his sleep or say idk what happened.” [sic]

During the entire back-and-forth, Mr. Price only replied six times. At one point, he promised to take a bus home, but at other times seemed to ignore Clark’s threats to his kids. But at 11:09 p.m., when she sent a video of her picking up the boy’s limp body by the arm and throwing him on the bed, Price asked her to try to revive him.

“Try to wake him up I said hold him,” he texted at 11:10 p.m.

“Its okay Im dialing 911,” Clark replied.

“You need to if he dead,” Price said.

No charges are expected to be filed against Mr. Price, but it hasn’t been ruled out, as the investigation is ongoing.

Ms. Clark denied killing the young boy until police interviewed her again at their headquarters and told her they’d seen Price’s phone and everything she’d sent.“ She then admitted she’d smothered the boy by holding him face-down on the air mattress for about a minute.




A crying baby apparently disturbed a nanny who was grabbing a nap. It appears it costs the small child her life. The nanny then force-fed the baby until it became unresponsive and died.

66-year-old Oluremi Oyindasola, a live-in nanny, was recorded by a home surveillance system napping on the couch when the crying 8-month-old baby came up to her in a walker.

Ms. Oyindasola initially tried to feed the the infant, identified as Enita Salubi, while she was still in the walker, but it proved unsuccessful. She then pulled the girl out of the walker, held her around its chest, and “proceeded to pour a large amount of white liquid directly inside the victim’s mouth,” according to charging documents.

For nearly 30 seconds, the little girl “appeared to squirm and aggressively resist as the defendant continued to force a large amount of liquid inside her mouth.”

After the first bottled was empty, Ms. Oyindasola forced another entire bottle into the girl.

According to records, during those feedings, the baby “displayed difficulty breathing and signs of medical distress.”

After that second bottle, the baby became unresponsive. At roughly 4:10 p.m., she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

An autopsy revealed white liquid inside the tiny child’s lungs. A medical examiner determined the baby had died of asphyxiation and ruled it as a homicide.

Ms. Oyindasola was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, first-degree child abuse resulting in death, and other related charges.

She’s now being held in the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections.




A nurse has been charged with eight counts of murder in deaths of eight patients, dating back almost a decade.

49-year-old Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer, a former nurse at a southwestern branch of Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Home in Ontario, Canada, is alleged to have administered fatal doses of drugs to the patients between 2007 and 2014.

Those victims were between 75 and 95 years old.

The investigation started on September 29th after authorities received a tip.

The investigation, which is ongoing, includes Woodstock Police Service, London Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police, and is now being treated as a multiple homicide.

Authorities haven’t identified the drug used or given a believed motive for the murders.
Ms. Wettlaufer resigned on September 30th.

Authorities haven’t ruled out additional victims, and the investigation is ongoing.

She’s due in court next week.




A Texas middle school teacher has admitted to gunning down two of his neighbors after a Halloween party.

35-year-old Cary Heath, an Air Force veteran, according to the man who hosted the party, ran into his house and handed him his one-year-old baby, telling him, “This is the last time I will see the baby. I killed two people.”

Two men, Daniel Haros and Phillip Evans, dropped by the party for five minutes, according to the arrest affidavit, and had a “friendly and cordial” conversation. Mr. Heath then walked next door to his house after Haros and Evans went home.

A neighbor told cops that he heard gunshots at around 4 a.m. Sunday, and saw Heath standing over Haros, hitting him with the butt of a rifle.

When that witness yelled for him to stop, Heath purportedly pointed the rifle at him and asked if they had a problem.

Haros and Evans were found dead in two different driveways from gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma to their faces and heads.

Mr. Heath’s wife told investigators that he confessed to the murders and had asked her to clean up the blood in the gun safe where he keeps his weapons.

Heath was arrested in the school’s parking lot on capital murder charges and remains held on $1 million bail. The school district placed him on administrative leave.




The Georgia father, whose toddler son died in a hot car just weeks later, had exchanged explicit sexts with a 15-year-old girl. He begged her to have sex with him so he could be a “naughty old man,” that girl told a court Monday.

Justin Ross Harris was charged with murder in June of 2014 for the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper.

He’d claimed he forgot to drop the child off at daycare; claiming he’d accidentally left the boy inside his car and he drove straight to work. Prosecutors, on the other hand, say that he intentionally killed the young boy, and believe the sexts prove a motive for the murder.

The unnamed Alabama girl, now 17 years old, says she was 15 years old when she started exchanging sexual messages with the man on trial. They’d met on Whisper, a mobile app that lets users exchange messages anonymously.

“I love older guys,” she’d written. She’d claimed she was 18 years old at first.

He sent back a selfie, and eventually, his penis.

They chatted for around 20 minutes before the teen sent him a photo of her genitals.

The girl eventually admitted she was just 15, but Mr. Harris didn’t seem to mind and told her he wanted to have sex with her, according to the girl.

“He told me he wanted me to make him a naughty old man,” she said.

His defense attorney, Maddox Kilgore, has stressed that the sexting allegations have nothing to do with the case against him regarding his son’s death.



Two Wisconsin men purportedly “tired of living under the infidel’s system” have been arrested for trying to join ISIS. Their intent was to travel through Mexico to Syria.

35-year-old Jason Ludke (left) and 30-year-old Yosvany Padilla-Conde (right) revealed their plans to join the merciless Islamic State organization in multiple emails and Facebook conversations sent to what turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.

In a video that was sent to the agent on October 1st, both men pledged their allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and said they wanted to reach paradise by fighting for the brutal group.

Mr. Ludke told authorities that the plan was to get passports for Arab countries in Mexico, then travel to Yemen where he and Mr. Padilla-Conde would study Arabic. They would then have traveled to Syria where they would join ISIS.

Ludke was the most insistent on traveling to Syria after converting to Islam in 2003. He often spoke about wanting to take part in jihad. Padilla-Conde, ironically, told investigators that he’d tried to talk his friend out of the idea, but finally agreed to travel to the volatile country after losing his job and an imminent eviction from his apartment.

They were arrested near San Angelo, Texas as they were on their way to the Mexican border.

Ludke is a registered sex offender after a 2002 conviction for second-degree sexual assault of a child, and was also convicted of sending a death threat to a judge in 2009.

They’re both looking at up to 20 years in prison if convicted.




A Florida man with half of a head has been arrested, accused of arson and attempted murder for allegedly setting his mattress on fire at his home.

31-year-old Carlos Rodriguez, nicknamed “Halfy” by his friends, was at home when he decided to light his mattress on fire Monday.

It wasn’t immediately clear why he did it.


He appeared in court Tuesday under a $20,000 bond.

He lost the top portion of his head in a car accident while on drugs.

“I was barred out on drugs and I was driving and I hit a pole. I flew out the front window and landed on my head,” he said, smoking a blunt in a YouTube video in 2012.




An Ohio man who was convicted of beating and starving his 2-year-old daughter has been given the death sentence.

34-year-old Glen Bates (above) showed no emotion when the sentence was handed down Monday for the aggravated murder of 2-year-old Glenara Bates, which he was found guilty of last month.

The little girl’s mother, 30-year-old Andrea Bradley (below), was also charged with aggravated murder, and is due in court Tuesday. She’s expected to plea.

The jury believed that Mr. Bates was thee “the principal offender.”


The couple’s 10-year-old daughter testified during his trial and said that she’d seen Bates take the tiny victim by the legs and fling her body against a wall, causing her to hit her head. She added that she’d then seen the little girl motionless with her eyes closed the next day.

She was only 13 pounds at the time of her death in March of 2015.

She’d had bruises, belt and bite marks, and a large gash on her forehead that had been sewn back together with thread.

Andrea Bradley’s other six children are in the custody of relatives or family services.




A Missouri father has been arrested and charged after the body of his daughter was found in a Kansas City motel room back in March.

40-year-old Jerry K. Bausby is accused of murdering and anally sodomizing 18-year-old Daiza Bausby, his own daughter.

faces first-degree murder, first-degree sodomy, incest and first-degree sexual abuse.

Authorities found her body at a 4 Acres Motel on March 21st after she’d been discovered by cleaning staff. Her mother had filed a missing person report the next day.

Her death was determined to have been caused by smothering.


Mr. Bausby had rented the room, and surveillance footage showed him entering the motel’s lobby to rent the room.

At 3:31 a.m., a person matching his description was seen leaving the motel. He never returned to the room after leaving it.

DNA tests confirmed his daughter’s DNA on his penis.

He was arrested Wednesday, and his bond was set at $750,000.




A Delaware woman was arrested after she called 911 to say she’d killed her 3-year-old grandson the week before. She told them she’d also planned to kill herself.

51-year-old Angela Bingham wasn’t home when troopers responded to her home and found the body of the little boy, identified as Rilan Everett. He, according to the report, was “in a bedroom in a state of decomposition … with blue and decomposing skin and fluids flowing from the facial area.”

Ms. Bingham was soon found walking near Route 13 and arrested.

She admitted to officers that on September 18th she’d held a washcloth over young Everett’s mouth and nose while he was awake in bed. As she did, she told him “it was time to go.” She removed the washcloth after he stopped struggling.


Her original plan was to kill Everett, then herself. He was living with her after his mother had abandoned him to be with a boyfriend.

After a brief medical exam at a hospital, she was taken into custody by State Police homicide investigators.

She’s been charged with first-degree murder and is currently being held at the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution on a $1,000,000 cash bail.




A West Virginia man has been arrested for the depraved sexual assault of his girlfriend’s 10-month-old daughter. The girl has since died.

32-year-old Benjamin Taylor initially denied knowing anything about how how the baby, identified as Emmaleigh Barringer, was injured, but later admitted he’d taken her to the basement to do laundry. He says he “blacked out” and didn’t know how she was injured.

During his questioning, he’s said to have changed his story multiple times. Authorities also noticed he was trying to rub something off of himself. It turned out to be blood; blood that deputies believe may have been the victim’s.

It all started when the tiny girl’s mother called 911 to report that her baby was unresponsive. She said she’d been sleeping, but when she awoke, she couldn’t find her baby or her boyfriend anywhere.


When she finally found her daughter, she was naked in the basement of the apartment building unconscious, covered in blood, and swelling.

When EMS arrived, she was rushed to the hospital. She died two days later.

Jackson County deputies say this is the worst case of sexual assault they’ve seen in 20 years.

Taylor was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault. After the girl died, Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs said he’ll be arraigned on a murder charge Thursday morning.

He remains in jail in lieu of $2 million bond.




An Illinois mother has been arrested for allegedly torturing her 7-year-old son for two years. Her boyfriend is accused as well.

24-year-old Caroline Woods’ young son was found running down the street in a dirty diaper Sunday morning. He told authorities that his mom and her boyfriend had forced him to live in a closet, regularly beat him, and only fed him protein shakes and canned okra.

He claims he’d been beaten with an extension cord, a baseball bat, and a pole. He also claimed that he was once forced to sit on the stove while his genitals were burned with a curling iron.

A court-appointed doctor backed up the boy’s claims, and said the boy had the most injuries he’d ever seen on one person, much less a child.

Ms. Woods was arrested and charged with assault and was denied bail. Cops are still looking for her boyfriend.

The young boy and his 2-year-old sister are now in state custody.




Two Mississippi cops have been fired after one of the two’s 3-year-old daughter was left to die in a hot patrol car for four hours.

27-year-old Long Beach Officer Cassie Barker, the child’s mother, and 36-year-old Sgt. Clark Ladner, were fired after Barker’s daughter was found unresponsive in the back of her patrol car on Friday morning while she was meeting with Sgt. Ladner at his home for multiple hours. He was her shift supervisor.

The little girl had been strapped into her car seat in the back of the patrol car the entire time.

The two in blue had just finished a night shift working together that morning and had ended up together at his house. Sgt. Ladner told detectives that Officer Barker had showed up unannounced and that he hadn’t been aware that the little girl was in the car.

Both officers were suspended without pay during the investigation into the girl’s death, and were fired from their jobs after a unanimous vote by the city council. The reason given for the terminations was conduct detrimental to the public.

No criminal charges have been filed against the two cops, but Glenn Grannan, the Hancock County Chief Investigator, said Tuesday that “somebody is going to be accountable for the baby’s death.”




An Arizona teen and his older girlfriend were arrested for leaving a baby boy in a hot car for up to four hours. It killed him.

18-year-old Jose Garcia and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Monique Avila, were arrested after leaving a 5-month-old boy, Garcia’s nephew, in the backseat of a car parked outside an apartment complex Sunday.

Monique found him when she was about to drive to pick up Garcia’s mother from work at about 2:45 p.m. She rushed the little boy, identified as Israel Avila, into an apartment and called 911. It was too late.

First responders say that the baby wasn’t breathing when they arrived. They performed CPR and took him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Authorities say temperatures inside the car were probably in the low 100s.

The couple told officers that they were supposed to be babysitting him, but had forgotten him in the car after dropping his mother off.

Both have been charged with one count of felony child abuse each.




A troubled Nebraska teen mother was charged as an adult Saturday for throwing her prematurely born baby out of a window, killing it.

16-year-old Antonia Lopez was taken into custody after telling her mother that she’d thrown the infant out of a second-story window in the family’s apartment early Friday morning after going into labor and giving birth

An emergency crew responded after her mother called 911.

It turned out that Ms. Lopez had posted to Facebook a plea for a ride, along with three crying emojis.


Lopez was charged with child abuse resulting in death, a felony, and booked into the Douglas County Youth Center.




A Florida man that started a large fire in his own home while trying to make butane hash oil (BHO), also known as marijuana wax, was arrested after it killed his two dogs.

24-year-old Steven Brown, along with “other accomplices” on September 3rd, was making the substance using a volatile method which uses highly flammable butane and marijuana to extract the THC from the plant.

It caught fire and caused an explosion. He chose to save himself and his drugs, but to leave two caged dogs behind to perish in the flames.

“I heard them burn up alive. They cried and then they stopped. It was sickening,” says a neighbor.

He’s been charged with possession of a place for purposes of manufacturing a controlled substance, arson, possession of a firearm, cocaine possession, suboxone possession, oxycodone possession, tampering with physical evidence, marijuana manufacturing, marijuana possession, aggravated cruelty to animals and, possession of drug paraphernalia.




Alabama parents, Mike Holton and  April Holton, were fatally shot in the head in their home this past Sunday.

Mr. Holton was pronounced dead at the scene, while Mrs. Holton died Monday.

17-year-old Jesse Holton, the couple’s oldest child, was taken into custody Monday for firing the fatal shots after, at the request of his parents, an Elmore County deputy visited the the home on Sunday afternoon.

His parents were extremely upset after finding drugs and drug paraphernalia left over from a party that they believed he’d thrown.

When the requested deputy arrived that fateful Sunday afternoon, Mr. Holton greeted him outside and told him, “Hey look, trying to teach my son a lesson, when you go in, I’ve pretty much handcuffed him and put him on the couch,'” according to Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

The deputy collected evidence and left the scene. Both parents then walked the deputy to his car, leaving Jesse alone inside.

Just 20 minutes after the deputy left, there was another call, but this time from the Holton’s neighbor. There’d purportedly been “some mayhem” at the home, according to Sheriff Franklin.

The same deputy returned to the scene and found that both of the parents had been shot in the head with “the family gun”.

The suspect has denied pulling the trigger, but, according to the sheriff, the wounds weren’t consistent with a murder-suicide.

It’s unclear, thus far, what transpired after the Holtons walked back inside their home. Their bodies were found on their bedroom floor.

Jesse has shown no emotion whatsoever, according to Sheriff Franklin

He has, for what little it’s worth, admitted to having anger management issues.

“As long as he smokes his marijuana and takes his pills, he’s okay,” Franklin says Jesse told him. “But, when he doesn’t, he becomes more irate.”

His bond has been set at $150,000.




The New Mexico mother who’d helped her 10-year-old daughter be injected with meth, raped, murdered and dismembered, also had offered her up for rape by strangers online, as well as coworkers.

35-year-old Michelle Martens told authorities that she’d set up encounters with at least three men to sexually assault her daughter, Victoria. One of those men was a coworker. Two others, she’d met online…including 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales; one of her co-conspirators.

The two of them, along with Gonzales’ cousin, Jessica Kelley, face murder and other charges in connection with the girl’s death.


Her dismembered body had been found wrapped in a burning blanket on what would have been her 10th birthday.

She’d been injected with meth, raped, strangled, and then stabbed before being dismembered.

Michelle told investigators that she hadn’t done it for the money, but because she enjoyed watching.




A mother who brutally murdered her daughter has now been given a taste of it in prison.

23-year-old Kathryn Smith was found guilty back in April of murdering her daughter by punching her in the chest.

The 21-month-old girl’s words as her mother and father beat were, “Stop mummy, stop daddy,” according to neighbors back in May of 2014.

She’d suffered a tear to her heart from trauma caused by blows to her chest.

She’d been hit with so much force that she’d bitten through her own tongue.

Ms. Smith, who’s now serving 24 years, was attacked by two inmates in a stairwell which didn’t have video surveillance. Ten other inmates watched it unfold.

She’s said to have howled in pain as she was punched and stabbed with a homemade knife during the attack which lasted roughly four minutes. It left her with a cut that was nearly an inch long across her cheek.

“There had been a lot of talk about attacking Smith, but most people wouldn’t go through with it as they don’t want time added on to their sentences,” a source who witnessed the attack said. “But these two really went for it and left her in a bad way.”

“No one had any sympathy for Smith. Some staff were saying, ‘What goes around comes around.’”

A prison official denied that a weapon was used against her, and claims disciplinary action has been taken against her attackers.




An Illinois father has admitted that he beat his toddler daughter to death with a belt. She was just four years old.

29-year-old Darrell A. Reynolds, on August 31st, told authorities during an interview “I just killed my daughter” and said he’d been beating her for roughly two years.

The young girl died after being transported to the emergency room unresponsive and with bruises and scabs covering most of her body .


Four-year-old Amarrah C. Reynolds’ cause of death was said to have “resulted from exceptionally brutal or heinous behavior indicative of wanton cruelty.”

He was arraigned Thursday in Macon County Circuit Court on a charge of first-degree murder. If convicted, he faces 20 years to life in prison. His next court date is set for September 28th.

The girl’s mother is due in court Friday the 16th in regards to the case.




Authorities have two men and one woman in custody after they allegedly strangled their friend, who was overdosing, then callously dumped his body in the woods.


21-year-old Joshua Rose accidentally overdosed while using drugs at a home with 20-year-old Amanda Wayda and 19-year-old Preston Layfield.

Instead of calling for help, Amanda called 22-year-old Tyler Mirabelli, asking him to come over and take Joshua to the hospital.


It was on the way to the hospital that the plan took a drastic and tragic turn. As they passed the hospital, Amanda put a plastic bag over Joshua’s head before Preston strangled him to death with jumper cables.


It took roughly four minutes for the victim to die.

Still seeing nor urgency, the three put a hat and sunglasses on Joshua’s body and stopped for gas. They then drove his body ou into the woods and dumped it near some railroad tracks.

It’s not entirely clear as of yet, but it’s believed that Amanda called to report she’d witnessed Preston murder Joshua.

It wasn’t until cops questioned him that they learned Amanda had been the one to put a bag over Joshua’s head, then was the one to hand the jumper cables to him (Preston), telling him he “needed to do this.”


All three have now been arrested and are charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy.

According to the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office, the charges will likelly be upgraded after the completion of an autopsy.




An Oklahoma woman has killed her daughter by shoving a crucifix down her throat until she died…all because she thought her daughter was possessed.

50-year-old Juanita Gomez (above) shoved the crucifix down her daughter, 33-year-old Geneva Gomez’s (below), throat, and admitted it to officers who’d come to her home for a welfare check on Saturday afternoon.

The surviving Gomez told officers that she’d started suspecting her daughter was “possessed by the devil” the day before. Officers noticed that mom had bruises and swelling on her hands and arms.

Ms. Gomez says she’d pushed the crucifix down her daughter’s throat until she saw blood come out.

Then, according to the report, she says she placed the body in the “position of the cross” and washed her.


Authorities found the large cross on top of the deceased woman’s body, as well as “major trauma to her face and neck.”

The elder Gomez also admitted that she’d punched her daughter multiple times. She says the bruises on her hands were from trying to “rid Satan from her daughter’s body.”

She’s been charged with murder and remains in jail without bond.




A Florida woman is now facing second-degree murder charges after being found on top of her husband in his hospital bed just moments before his death back in May.

61-year-old Jan Sochalski, a former nurse, was found atop 64-year-old Henry Sochalski just before he was found dead in his bed at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center in Daytona Beach on May 19th. Ms. Sochalski was arrested Monday.

A Volusia County medical examiner this month ruled that Mr. Sochalski’s death was a homicide caused by suffocation. His mouth, nose and tracheotomy had been blocked.

She’s denied killing her husband.

He was in the hospital recovering from an elective back surgery he’d had back in April.

Hospital employees had noticed what they called unusual behavior from her; things like asking for meds that would have hindered his breathing, as well as declining drugs that could have helped.

The day before his death, she wouldn’t let the nurses into his room to check on him.

The morning of May 19th, nurses rushed into his room after a heart monitor alarm in the nurses’ station went off.

They’d noticed his bed was put flat instead of at the angle that is normally set for patients with tracheotomies. His nose was purple.

Ms. Sochalski told cops she’d spoken with one of her husband’s nurses and knew his condition was deteriorating. The morning of his death, she says, she’d flattened out his bed and took a humidifier away from his throat because she could hear his breathing slowing and “she wanted to be close to him.”

She’s now being held without bail.



A New Mexico mother, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s cousin are accused of one of the most horrific and unthinkable crimes in recent memory.

10-Year-Old Victoria Martens was found partially wrapped, dismembered and on fire in a bathtub.

She’d been injected with meth, raped and stabbed before being brutally disposed of.

She was supposed to be celebrating her 10th birthday.

Her mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, has now been charged with the unthinkable act, along with her boyfriend, 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales, and 31-year-old Jessica Kelley, his cousin.

According to Ms. Martens, her boyfriend had drugged the girl so that he could rape her.


A caller had told a dispatcher there was a disturbance in the apartment, according to Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden Jr. at a press conference.

“This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career,” he said. “A complete disregard of human life.”

Mr. Gonzales, the boyfriend, says he had zero to do with young Victoria’s death, and said to reporters shouting questions that Ms. Kelley had done it.


Michelle told cops that she’d met Fabian on an online dating site about a month ago.

He purportedly drugged the girl “so he could calm her down and have sex with her.” After he did that, Jessica held her hand over Victoria’s mouth and stabbed her.

It was Fabian and Jessica who dismembered her daughter, if you’re to believe her.


At their first court appearance Thursday, a judge ordered cash-only bail to be set at $1 million for Martens and Gonzales.

Michelle Martens has been charged with child abuse resulting in death, tampering with evidence, and kidnapping. Jessica Kelley and Fabian Gonzales have also been charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor.




A Pennsylvania man who got into a fight with his girlfriend over groceries ended up killing her two-year-old son.

24-year-old Zachary Tricoch, according to the woman, punched the toddler in the chest so hard that he flew into the wall.

The boy, since identified by family as Jamil Baskerville Jr, got back up, and the suspect is said to have punched him again in the chest, again knocking him into a wall…but this time the little boy was knocked unconscious.


His terrified and shocked mother then called 911. It was around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday.

She told the operator that her son vomited, then become unresponsive.

The two-year-old was then taken to Cooper University Hospital where he was pronounced dead at just after midnight.

An exam revealed that little Jamil’s liver had been crushed and he’d bled to death internally.

The official cause of death has been ruled as blunt force trauma, and the manner as homicide.

Tricoche was arraigned in Camden County Superior Court Tuesday on charges of murder.

His bail was set at $1 million cash.




A drugged-out Alabama man is accused of murdering five people who were trying to protecting his girlfriend, and used an ax to finish them off.

27-year-old Derrick Dearman shot all of his victims, two women and two men, in an out-of-the-way rural home early Saturday, then hit them all with an ax to ensure they were all dead. One of the victims, Chelsea Reed, was five months pregnant.


After killing the five people, he kidnapped Laneta Lester, his girlfriend, and one of the female victims’ baby. He then drove them to his father’s house in Mississippi before turning himself in.

Ms. Lester had hidden out in the Alabama home to escape from Dearman, who was allegedly abusing her. Someone in that home called police to report the suspect lurking around on the property. He vanished, however, by the time officers had arrived.

Around 1:15 a.m., he re-emerged and broke into the house.


The madman blamed the group killing on a bad meth trip. He said to reporters after his arrest, “Don’t do drugs.”

He’s been charged with six counts of capital murder and was denied bond Wednesday in court. He didn’t utter a word or show any emotions.




A Minnesota man has now been charged for the kidnapping, sexual assault and death of a 5-year-old girl.

25-year-old Zachary Todd Anderson kidnapped Alayna Ertl early Saturday from her home. Her tiny young body was found later that day.

He was a family friend and was spending last Friday night at the victim’s family’s home. Alayna had last been seen when she was tucked into bed around 2 a.m. Saturday. She, along with Mr. Anderson, were nowhere to be found by morning.


He was found later at a cabin his family owned roughly 80 miles north of the original location. He then provided investigators with information that led them to Alayna’s body.

He was charged Tuesday with murder, criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, and motor vehicle theft.




A South Carolina woman has been arrested after allegedly killing her 4-day-old son back in February by putting him in the refrigerator and leaving him there for at least three hours.

27-year-old Angela Renee Blackwell was taken into custody Monday.

She’d been at her home on February 27th when she put her newborn baby boy in the fridge, shut the door, and went on about her business.

After she removed him a reported three hours later, she then sought medical attention.

He was pronounced dead at Chester Regional Medical Center.

She’s been charged with felony homicide by child abuse and faces 20 years to life in prison if convicted.




A New Jersey has been arrested for beating his girlfriend’s two-year-old son to death.

24-year-old Zachary Tricoche has been charged with first-degree murder after authorities were called to to a home at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday on a report of an unresponsive child.

Paramedics rushed the toddler to Cooper University Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries just after midnight.

Mr. Tricoche is being held at the Camden County Jail and is scheduled for an arraignment today.