A 50-year-old Muslim man avoided jail time, getting off with just community service after sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. To make matters worse, he moved into the girl’s neighborhood. But six years later, the young victim mustered up the courage and plotted revenge on him.

Back in 2009, a young girl told the Bradford Crown Court a tale of how 50-year-old Zabhullah Boota had horrifically sexually abused her; luring her. He was found guilty of sexual assault and inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity back in 2010, but unbelievably, was only sentenced to do community service.

When he was allowed to move near the victim and her family, the court called it a “breakdown in communication” between a judge and the housing association.

After years of seeing her attacker walk free, along with the disgust and anxiety, the then 14-year-old girl decided to take justice into her own hands and deliver her version of justice. She confronted him and told him, “I’m going to kill you,” before piercing his heart with a large kitchen knife.

She then immediately went and turned herself in, admitting that she’d just killed someone. She was immediately charged with attempted murder, the result of Mr. Boota being saved by paramedics and hospital staff who gave him a blood transfusion and repaired his heart.

The judge, Jonathan Durham Hall, tried to make things right when the now 15-year-old girl was brought before his court.

He dropped the attempted murder charge, and instead, ordered that she get help at a two-year youth rehab facility. He also lifted the gag order that had been protecting Mr. Boota’s identity from being leaked to the media, and even refused to condemn her for what she’d done to him.

“It would be a disgrace to send a survivor like you to prison,” Judge Durham Hall told her. “You stabbed him in the region of his heart. Mercifully, you did not kill him. He was saved by excellent medical intervention, and has made a pretty full recovery. Why did you stab this man? Because when you were eight in 2009, he committed serious sexual offenses against you. He was treated by the courts, with hindsight, somewhat leniently but things have changed. Now there is condign punishment in cases of this nature, in accordance with the guidelines.”

The judge also refused to order the girl or her family to pay the normally-mandatory victim surcharge, adding that, “If anyone tries to force you, I will pay it myself.”