Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, sometimes referred to as G.I. Joe by those in his community, was a police officer with 32 years of experience, slain by what has been described only as two white males and one black male on September 1st during a foot pursuit after answering a call for suspicious activity.

30-year-old Kristin Kiefer threw a major monkey wrench into the search for his killers when she fabricated a story – a story she came up with the sole purpose of getting attention from the family she worked for – which took 85 police officers and a helicopter off of the real manhunt for their fallen brother’s killers – for a grueling five hours.

She called 911 at approximately 9:20 p.m. on Wednesday after she claims she pulled over because she was having car trouble, and was then approached by two ‘suspicious-looking men,’ one white and one black, who tried to get into her car. She went on to claim that they ran off into the nearby cornfield when she picked up her phone to make a call.

She made the call from Volo, which is only about five miles from Fox Lake, where Lt. Gliniewicz had been killed. It’s precisely why she chose the spot, actually.

When the plethora of officers and resources turned up nothing in their search, she finally admitted she’d made the whole thing up; she’d ‘just wanted the attention of the family’ she served as a nanny for.

Her arrest came just hours after hundreds of people had gathered to remember Lt. Gliniewicz.

She’s been charged with two counts of disorderly conduct for falsifying a police report, and is currently being held pending a bond hearing.

The hunt for his three killers continues.


UPDATED November 4, 2015:

The officer’s death has been ruled a suicide.



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