Karma, as they say, is a bitch. Normally, however, said karma catches up to you in the future. In this case, it seized the opportunity to jump on a man immediately and severely ruin his day.
25-year-old Caleb Timothy Heaton burst into a woman’s house, bound her, tried to strangle her with her own clothing, and then proceeded to sexually assault her. He used a rock and knife and severed two of her fingers.
But this woman did what many preventative and safety pamphlets, booklets, posters and speakers suggest; she fought back and she made noise – and lots of it. These screams did exactly what they’re intended to do; they brought help.
That help came in the form of a neighbor who then started beating the hell out of ol’ Caleb. When that fight poured out of the house and into the street, other neighbors and people passing by joined in. They all continued beating him and then made damn sure he wasn’t going anywhere.

One of the victim’s neighbors, Shelley Sullivan, was quoted as saying, “She was very brave and smart and strong. She fought back. She made noise. And help came in the form of some amazing heroic neighbors who showed a lot of courage, who stepped up, stopped this horrible crime, and probably saved this young woman’s life.”

A witness to the attack, Amber Ritchie, said, “It looked like something out of a horror movie. She was covered in blood. I’m pretty traumatized. I’m sure it will haunt me for a while. It was a real, brutal, nasty, rape scene.”

Police took the thoroughly beaten perpetrator into custody. He faces charges of aggravated sexual assault, breaking and entering, robbery, and unlawful confinement.

Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said, “We have investigative teams that are putting together the strongest case we can against the suspect we have in custody. And we’re working hard on the west side assault to see if there’s a link, and also examining some other cases across Canada.”