A New Mexico mother, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s cousin are accused of one of the most horrific and unthinkable crimes in recent memory.

10-Year-Old Victoria Martens was found partially wrapped, dismembered and on fire in a bathtub.

She’d been injected with meth, raped and stabbed before being brutally disposed of.

She was supposed to be celebrating her 10th birthday.

Her mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, has now been charged with the unthinkable act, along with her boyfriend, 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales, and 31-year-old Jessica Kelley, his cousin.

According to Ms. Martens, her boyfriend had drugged the girl so that he could rape her.


A caller had told a dispatcher there was a disturbance in the apartment, according to Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden Jr. at a press conference.

“This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career,” he said. “A complete disregard of human life.”

Mr. Gonzales, the boyfriend, says he had zero to do with young Victoria’s death, and said to reporters shouting questions that Ms. Kelley had done it.


Michelle told cops that she’d met Fabian on an online dating site about a month ago.

He purportedly drugged the girl “so he could calm her down and have sex with her.” After he did that, Jessica held her hand over Victoria’s mouth and stabbed her.

It was Fabian and Jessica who dismembered her daughter, if you’re to believe her.


At their first court appearance Thursday, a judge ordered cash-only bail to be set at $1 million for Martens and Gonzales.

Michelle Martens has been charged with child abuse resulting in death, tampering with evidence, and kidnapping. Jessica Kelley and Fabian Gonzales have also been charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor.