A babysitter in New York has been charged with murder after sexually abusing and beating to death a 16-month-old boy.

31-year-old Gloria Fields from Staten Island remains in custody after Anthony Delgado died after being in her care on Sunday.

The baby boy’s mother, 25-year-old Marta Delgado, had left him with Fields, who lived on floor above her, for two days so she could move to a new apartment.

Just hours after leaving her son, she got a text from Fields saying he’d fallen while out in Manhattan.

When the little boy returned to his mother’s house, he was found unconscious and died just an hour later.


Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told the NY Daily News that little Anthony had “bruises on his face.”

New York’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Barbara Sampson, ruled the cause of death as blunt force injuries to the head and torso.

Court documents also reveal that Fields admitted to inserting a pencil into the child’s rectum and leaving it there for at least 36 hours.

Gloria Fields, who has 9 priors, has been charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault, and seven counts of assault.

Her boyfriend, 53-year-old Michael Ambrose, who has 25 prior run-ins with the law, was released Tuesday without charges.


Neighbors in the apartment building say Anthony was a sweet toddler who had good parents.

One of them, Samantha Liebman, said, “They’re good people, and they’re responsible with the kids.”

Another neighbor, 50-year-old Manny Rivera, said, “I’ve known them for a lot of years. Her daughter grew up here. I have kids and grandkids…It definitely hits everybody, especially an angel like that. She was a good mother, she was always with her son.”



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