A former New York doctor working at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan was arraigned on Thursday on charges of sexually abusing at least four women who’d come into the emergency room, touching their breasts for no medical reason, and for drugging, groping and masturbating onto one woman.

Dr. David H. Newman pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree sexual abuse and four counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Susan R. Necheles, Dr. Newman’s lawyer, said he “vigorously denies” it all and expects to prove the charges false at the trial.

He was arrested on January 19th after two women had complained to police. In the time since, two more women came forward.

He was suspended after the allegations were first made, but has since been fired, according to Kathleen Robinson, a spokeswoman for Mount Sinai.

He, in one case, is accused of taking advantage of a 29-year-old woman who’d come to the emergency room on January 12th complaining of shoulder pain. He touched her breasts before administering more medication to sedate her further.

Once she was essentially helpless and unable to open her eyes or even speak, the disgusting doctor masturbated beside her bed and ejaculated onto her face. DNA evidence proved as much.

Aged 18 to 21 years old, the other three women had been treated by Dr. Newman in the pediatric area of the emergency room. There was evidence that he’d touched one woman’s breasts while treating her for a cold. He’s accused of doing the same to another woman who’d complained of a rash on her eyebrows, and yet another who’d complained of a headache after taking a pregnancy test.

The prosecution told the court that if Dr. Newman would agree to plead guilty to the most serious count, as well as register as a sex offender, the district attorney’s office would be willing to accept a four-year prison sentence. Under New York State law, first-degree sexual abuse carries a maximum sentence of seven years.

Dr. Newman told a detective that he’d masturbated in a lounge before he’d treated the patient with shoulder pain, according to court documents, and that his semen may have somehow been transferred to her face during the exam.

He also said that he’d given the her a second dose of morphine. He said that was the result of “some confusion amongst the nurses regarding the morphine.”

The victims’ names haven’t been released because of the nature of the crimes, but the 29-year-old patient has sued him. She’s identified in court documents as Aja Newman. She isn’t related to the doctor.

Dr. Newman remains free on bail.